One Firefighter Hospitalized After Five-Alarm Apartment Fire in Port Chester (NY)

Firefighters on a hoseline

According to a report from ABC7, one firefighter was taken to an area hospital, dozens were left homeless, and a restaurant was destroyed after a five-alarm fire ripped through an apartment building in Port Chester, New York, Sunday at around 12:30 p.m. There is no word on the firefighter’s condition.

Approximately 200 firefighters from seven municipalities, including nearby Greenwich, Connecticut, responded to the incident. Firefighters say they believe the flames broke out on a wooden deck in the rear of an apartment building on North Main Street. The fire spread first to other decks and then into the building.

Officials say the flames reached a space between the third floor and the roof, where it began churning and increasing in temperature.

The residents who were at home during the fire were able to evacuate.

Five hours later, firefighters continued to douse the flames with water to ensure the fire was out.


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