One-Person Forcible Entry with an Aluminum Forcible Entry Wedge

By Danny Troxell

Although it is always preferable to work in pairs, members sometimes find themselves in a position that requires them to force entry by themselves. In addition, not all members carry a complete set of irons. Many officers carry only a halligan bar, and many truck and rescue company members carry just a halligan bar and/or a six-foot hook.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE



These members can gain entry into most inward-opening (and some outward-opening) doors by using just an aluminum forcible entry wedge and a halligan bar. What follows are the steps of operation that can be used for a one-person forcible entry operation on an inward-opening door using a halligan bar and an aluminum forcible entry wedge.


Danny Troxell is a captain with the District of Columbia Fire Department assigned to Truck Company 13 and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC.

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