‘Out of Air’ Training Video on Air Management Features Bobby Halton, John Norman, Alan Brunacini, and John Mittendorf

By Mike Gagliano

Every firefighter knows that breathing smoke is a deadly dance with death. The modern smoke environment is a vicious mix of asphyxiates, toxicants, and cancer-causing elements that is literally breaking the hearts of fire departments and their families across the world.

The Fire Smoke Coalition (firesmoke.org), a division of the Cyanide Poisoning Treatment Coalition, is proud to announce a training program funded by the Department of Homeland Security to produce a landmark video that should forever change the debate on how air management is viewed in every department across the nation.

“Out of Air” is an hour-long video that covers the key elements of why air management is important and what can be done to ensure firefighters minimize the risks associated with fireground smoke. The video focuses on the need/mandate/solution for a good air management program and features some of the most respected names in the fire service speaking openly and honestly about their experiences with smoke.

Firefighters will get to hear Bobby Halton, John Norman, Alan Brunacini, and John Mittendorf share their wisdom and experiences with smoke and the impacts they’ve seen it have in their careers. Case studies from Ft. Worth, Houston, and Charleston are explored in addition to commentary from many firefighters on the front lines of advancing the message of air management. Hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide are covered with state-of-the-art graphics to visually demonstrate the terrible consequences of inhalation and exposure. Air conservation and implementation tips are covered as well as discussions centered on firefighter cancer and presumptive cancer laws.

Your view of smoke will be changed forever after viewing this video.

The video is available as a free download to all firefighters at: http://www.firesmoke.org/videos/

Smoke is going to have a major impact on your firefighters and department. “Out of Air” was produced to give you the best chance possible to see that the impact is minimal and manageable.

“Firefighter safety is not just a slogan; it is a call for action. This particular project is the right way of getting the right behaviors right down to the level of the individual firefighter. Everyone that ever has to make a decision to enter a burning environment needs the information on smoke as much as we would need it on a hazardous material. This is the epitome of being proactive; to live the lessons to be learned, so that the numbers of deaths and injuries truly start to reflect the fact that we are turning the corner on making firefighting occupationally safe,” said Chief Ron Coleman.

It is the sincere desire of all involved with the production of this video that you’ll watch it, share it, and put to use the information shared in this project. Your firefighters’ lives will be impacted forever.

MIKE GAGLIANO has 25 years of fire/crash/rescue experience with the Seattle (WA) Fire Department and the United States Air Force. He is the captain of Ladder 5 and a member of the Seattle Fire Department’s Critical Decision/Tactical Training group. He has written numerous fire service articles and is coauthor of Air Management for the Fire Service and the SCBA chapter of Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter I and II (Pennwell, 2008)l. He is a member of the FDIC Advisory Board and a director for the Cyanide Poisoning Treatment Coalition and teaches across the country on air management, fireground tactics, leadership, and company officer development. He and his wife Anne teach strategies for developing and maintaining a strong marriage/family.

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