Oxygen Tanks Explode in Back of Car When NJ Man Lights Cigarette

An 82-year-old man was rescued from a car explosion when he reportedly lit a cigarette that ignited oxygen from tanks stored in the back of his car. The incident occurred Tuesday morning in Hackensack, New Jersey.

According to a report from The Record (http://bit.ly/yQyjho), an employee from a nearby store rescued the man from the smoke-filled vehicle before three explosion reduced the car to rubble. A firefighter and two police officers were treated at a local medical facility for ringing ears stemming from the blasts.

The man is an emphysema sufferer and used the oxygen to alleviate his symptoms. He is homeless and was storing the tanks in his car. The man told fire officials that he thought he had turned the oxygen tanks off before he decided to light up, but oxygen was apparently still leaking.

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