Ozonelink Publishes a Whitepaper on High-Rise Building Evacuation

Raleigh, NC – Ozonelink, a homeland security solutions company, has published a whitepaper on high-rise building evacuation in light of the increased terror threat towards high-rise buildings and financial centers worldwide.

There are currently more than 88,500 high-rise buildings located in more than 7,000 cities worldwide. Prominent cities such as Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, and Sao Paulo boast having over 2,000 high-rise buildings in their limits alone. Other large metropolises such as Shanghai, Dubai, London, and Chicago continue to grow their skylines at an astounding pace – not far behind. High-rise buildings have undoubtedly become the status symbols and landmarks of today.

However, as demonstrated by the terrorist attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center towers in 1993 and 2001, and the bombing of the HSBC building in Istanbul in 2003, high-rise buildings have also become more attractive targets for terrorists seeking to cause maximum damage, disruption, and fear.

This whitepaper illustrates the safety risks that face occupants of high-rise buildings. Through an examination of the vulnerabilities of high-rise buildings and the inadequacies of their evacuation processes, the strategic need for evacuation devices that provide a secondary means of egress when the primary means, stairways and elevators, are compromised or unusable, is demonstrated. Such an examination can be used by individuals, to enhance their personal safety, companies, to improve business continuity and limit liability, and insurers, to reduce litigation costs and potential payouts.

Commented Dr. Edward Klinger, CEO of Ozonelink, “We are committed to safeguarding the critical infrastructures of our economies and protecting people and assets in buildings is an essential component of this challenge. There are a number of technologies and systems which can today assist organizations in the planning, simulation, training, and operation of high rise evacuation solutions. This whitepaper provides the context for those responsible for the safety and security of urban centers and buildings to make informed decisions.”

Ozonelink is a homeland security company specializing in high-tech security and emergency management. It sources and develops technologies from around the world and integrates them into practical solutions for its customers.

For more information, visit www.ozonelink.com.

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