Panasonic, ZOLL Data Systems deploy mobile inspection solution

Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, manufacturer of Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers, and ZOLL Data Systems®, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ZOLL Medical Corporation and manufacturer of software solutions to support the fire and emergency medical services, have joined forces to help fire departments across the country deploy a mobile inspection solution to save resources and prevent fires.

An October 2006 study administered by the U.S. Fire Administration underscores the need for more inspections around the country. Among its findings:

• An estimated 20.3 million people (or seven percent of U.S. residents at the time) live in communities where no one conducts fire-code inspections.

• Approximately 67 million Americans (23 percent) are protected by fire departments that do not provide plans review, which, for example, help determine whether there are hazardous materials at a location.

• Nearly 129 million Americans (44 percent) are protected by fire departments that do not provide routine testing of active systems, such as sprinklers.

There are many reasons for this disparity in fire prevention planning across the country, including budget, available personnel and training limitations. Many fire departments still rely on paper forms to complete fire inspections, which inevitably leads to errors and takes valuable time away from other important duties such as training and public education. Access to updated occupancy fire-code violations, pre-plans, and hazardous materials on-scene are just a few examples of critical data that will save lives. Recent technology advancements from Panasonic and ZOLL Data Systems simplify and expedite the process by enabling fire departments to complete electronic inspections in the field.

ZOLL Data Systems’ RescueNet® FireRMS Mobile is a software solution giving fire inspectors unprecedented access to key information and the ability to create and update inspection forms from anywhere, anytime. Using pen-tablets for ‘point and tap’ data entry, RescueNet FireRMS Mobile enables inspectors to perform inspections in the field and conduct a variety of other activities such as linking to CAD for dispatches and updates, accessing pre-plans and hazardous material information on-scene. This mobile application works in a connected or disconnected state so the data you capture is accessible in real-time.

Panasonic offers two fully-rugged Toughbook mobile computers that support RescueNet FireRMS Mobile for a complete fire inspection solution:

• The Toughbook 19 is a convertible tablet PC, with seven hours of battery life and daylight-readable touch screen. Constructed of magnesium alloy with a shock-mounted screen and hard drive, it is tested to withstand drops, shocks, vibration and extremes in temperature to ensure inspection data is protected. The 19 incorporates a “wireless-ready” design providing embedded access to next-generation data networks from all major wireless carriers, giving inspectors consistent access to information.

• At only 2.6 pounds, The Toughbook 08 is an ultra-portable thin client device used to collect and transmit inspection data to a wirelessly-enabled PC up to 300 feet away. Its 10.4-inch daylight-readable touch screen is also moisture-, dust-, drop, crush- and vibration resistant, with up to ten hours of battery life to support a full day of work.

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