Pasco (FL) Fire Set by Acrobatic Arsonist

Fire investigators are now offering a reward for information that leads them to the arsonist who made allegedly moved like Spider-Man as he set fire to storage units at Extra Space Storage along U.S. 19 early Monday morning, reports

The fire chief at the scene said they have surveillance video and other evidence that shows the man scaled downspouts, sprinted across roofs, and climbed down other buildings to set storage units on fire.

Around 40 of the facility’s 100 units have been destroyed.

Chief Andy Fossa with Pasco County Fire Rescue tells me this facility does not have smoke detectors or fire sprinklers.

The complex was built in the 1980’s, and those pieces of safety equipment were not required in storage centers until 2010, Fossa said.

“The biggest thing for this case is gonna be the the personal belongings that were lost. From what I’ve seen walking around, there’s a lot of family histories in there,” Fossa said.

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