Pennsylvania’s Mann Receives NFFF Seal Of Excellence Award

Emmitsburg, MD – The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation recently selected Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Ed Mann as a recipient of the Firefighter Life Safety “Seal of Excellence” Award. The Foundation held a press conference on Friday, May 19, 2006, at 11:00 am at the KME booth during the Pennsylvania Fire Expo in Harrisburg, PA, with officials from Pennsylvania and the Foundation’s Board of Directors, to present the award.

The “Seal of Excellence” is specifically designed to recognize the efforts of individuals, groups, departments and organizations who have demonstrated a commitment to making the American fire service safer. It will be presented to Commissioner Mann for his efforts to promote firefighter life safety across Pennsylvania, and nationally.

Commissioner Mann was the driving force behind the the LODD prevention-reduction program entitled, “The Courage to Be Safe… So Everyone Goes Home,” which outlines the history of the life safety initiatives and examines line-of-duty deaths both in Pennsylvania and the nation. A key part of the program is the untold story of LODD survivors, revealing the pain and heartbreak the loss of a firefighter brings to a family and a fire department.

Recognizing the need to do more to prevent line-of-duty deaths and injuries, the Foundation launched a major initiative in 2005 to bring firefighter health and safety to the forefront. A $1,000,000 grant for Year Two of the “Everyone Goes Home” project from the Department of Homeland Security, through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. It will allow the Foundation to continue its mission of reducing firefighter fatalities nationwide by 50 percent over the next ten years.

Funding for the project also was provided by a corporate match from The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. Sixteen firefighter life safety initiatives are the core elements of the program and were developed by the fire rescue service to reduce firefighter fatalities and injuries. Information about the Initiatives can be found at

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