Firefighters Control Raging Penticton (BC) House Fire

Firefighters use a ladder and hoseline at a raging house fire


Photos by Mike Biden

Incident report from Larry Watkinson

At approximately 3:00 a.m. on June 16, 2018, Penticton (BC) Fire Department responded to a two-alarm house fire on Finnerty Road.

On arrival, crews faced heavy fire and smoke at the rear of the building. Incident command (IC) conducted a 360° size-up and confirmed everyone was out of the home and initiated a third alarm, activating a total of three engines, one ladder, two rescues, one support, unit and the on-duty chief officer with a total of 36 firefighters.

On the size-up, command found fire had breached the Charlie/Delta corner of the home on the ground and second-floor living area and bedroom. It was decided to conduct interior operations to confirm that all were out and to make efforts on fire confinement. Shortly after primary search was confirmed and all were out, the interior crew notified IC that the roof was compromised and it was exiting the structure.

Command then changed fireground operations to a defensive mode based on the fact that the fire was now heavy in the attic and the structural integrity of the home was unsafe to work in. Firefighters continued their efforts from the exterior of the home, using mostly handlines, and maintaining the integrity of exposure to properties. No injuries were reported and residents of the home were taken into the care of the emergency support services team. 

Fire investigation was conducted the following day and causation was determined to be accidental by means of discarded oil rags that self- ignited. The fire extended up the exterior of the building, breaching the glass window and entering the home and attic space.

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