Pet Lovers Can Help Fire Departments Obtain Pet Oxygen Masks


During October, National Fire Safety Month, Bark Buckle UP® and Pet Safety Lady Christina Selter, are teaming up with fire departments nationwide and Smiths Medical to launch the ” Bark 10-4″ campaign to raise awareness of the need for pet oxygen masks.

Most people understand that pets are beloved family members. Losing a pet in a house fire can be a devastating experience. Annually, an estimated half million pets are affected by fires in the United States and over 40,000 pets die each year due to smoke inhalation. With the right equipment, police, fire and EMS rescuers can often save a pet’s life. Pet oxygen masks are effective with dogs, cats, and other companion animals, but only if they are on hand at the scene of an emergency.

With over 30,000 fire departments and EMT offices nationwide, most of which have more than one truck, the funds to purchase these pet oxygen masks often falls short. “Bark 10-4” was created with the goal of getting a mask for every fire truck by encouraging the public to sponsor the purchase of Pet Oxygen Masks for their local fire departments. Individual SurgiVet® masks cost $25; and a mask set, which includes a small, medium and large mask, is $65.

Bark Buckle UP®, Pet Safety Lady and Sparky the Fire Dog urge everyone to support their local fire department this October with a much needed pet oxygen mask. Each sponsor can designate the specific fire department to receive the gift, which will be delivered with the shipping/handling costs paid by Smiths Medical.

“The mask only works if it is on the truck,” states Battalion Chief Mani from the Santa Monica (CA) Fire Department. “Together we can save pets lives.”

For more information or sponsorship visit:

With tours throughout the USA and Canada, and company volunteers in over 20 cities, Bark Buckle UP leads the charge for educating and promoting awareness for pet safety.


The Pet Safety Lady, Christina Selter, works closely with fire, police, Coast Guard, and EMT personnel who support the pet safety program. She has been featured on television, radio, international auto shows, pet expos, news articles and guest speaking engagements nationwide.


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