Philadelphia Fire Commissioner to Testify About Rescinded Promotions

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter will allow fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers to appear tomorrow at a City Council hearing on the decision to rescind the promotion of 14 firefighters, reports CBS Philadelphia.

This latest twist comes after City Council issued a subpoena to Ayers to appear.

Councilman Jim Kenney is holding the hearing on the latest career turn of the fourteen firefighters and wants to hear firsthand from Commissioner Ayers.

The Nutter administration had originally agreed only to send public safety director Mike Resnick.  Kenney was not satisfied, and sent Ayers a subpoena.

“The authority to demote (is what) they call a management prerogative.  But the management prerogative could also be not to demote them, which they didn’t do.  So I would like to ask the person who’s allegedly responsible for making the decision the direct question, and not some surrogate,” Kenney said earlier.

Hours after the subpoena was delivered, the administration relented.  Mark McDonald, the mayor’s spokesman, said Ayers will answer questions at the hearing although his schedule precludes him from staying beyond a half-hour.

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