Philadelphia (PA) Firefighter Accused of Stealing from Patient

A Philadelphia (PA) firefighter is accused of stealing money from a patient he was transporting to a hospital Monday night.

The firefighter, who was driving a medical rig, allegedly went through the patients’ pockets and stole cash, according to an Action News report ( The act was apparently caught by hospital surveillance cameras.

There had been no arrest and no charges had been filed as of this writing, but the firefighter has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an union investigation.

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Although the firefighter in this instance has not been convicted or even charged, such situations underscore the thin line firefighters walk everyday when interacting with the public and the inevitable fragility of the trust the public affords all those who serve. For more on these issues, consider Dealing With Seriously Bad Behaviors, Part 4, National Firefighter Code of Ethics Set for Release, and A SUPERVISOR’S GUIDE TO PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE , PART 1.

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