Phoenix Firefighter Injured After Fall from Roof

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A couple of Phoenix firefighters found themselves in what could have been a deadly predicament early Saturday morning, reports

“Conditions changed really quickly,” said Phoenix fire department Capt. Mike Billingsley.

A house near 12th Street and Van Buren was fully engulfed with flames when firefighters made the decision to pull out.

Crews were working their way towards the ladder when one of the firefighters lost his footing and fell off the roof. A second firefighter who attempted to pull the other man to safety received second-degree burns on his back.

“He’s been a firefighter with the department for a long time,” said Capt. Billingsley.

That firefighter and two people inside the home were taken to Maricopa Medical Center.

It’s going to take time for fire investigators to determine an official case but Thomas has an idea of how the fire started.

At last check the firefighter who was hurt was supposed to be released from the hospital today.

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