Phoenix Underpaid 192 Firefighters for up to Four Years

A payroll error that resulted in 192 Phoenix firefighters being underpaid for up to four years could cost the city more than $2 million to resolve, reports

The mistake is one of the city’s biggest personnel mix-ups in decades, according to one longtime City Council member.

The errors started in July 2010 during recession-era budget cuts, when employees in the Human Resources Department failed to adjust some employees’ salaries to match changes in the fire union’s contract, according to a city memo.

City officials refuse to disclose how much money the city owes to the firefighters because the money hasn’t been paid out, but they verified that cash settlements had been accepted by each of the underpaid employees. The fire union said the settlement would be close to $2.5 million.

Still, the length of time it has taken Phoenix to reach a settlement has rankled some city leaders.

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