Photos: LAFD Crews Battle Fire at Abandoned Restaurant

Fire photographer Rick McClure shared some photos and video of Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters responding to a fire in boarded-up former restaurant. The fire required a well-coordinated combination of offensive and defensive tactics and took more than three hours to bring under control.

The fire, which raged inside 5,736 square-foot vacant and boarded single-story former restaurant, required the efforts of 111 LAFD personnel. The building had been constructed in 1968, but the last tenant had reportedly departed in late 2018. The fire a occurred in a highly compartmentalized space that was well involved with fire and experienced significant structural compromise because of the fire. An excavator was used to tear down an exterior wall of the structure.

Nearby structures were protected from harm, and no injuries were reported.

LAFD firefighters at the scene of a raging fire in a boarded-up restaurant
LAFD firefighter trains a hoseline into the interior of the building
LAFD firefighters behold a pillar a flame erupting in the background
LAFD firefighter with a charged hoseline
Multiple LAFD rigs and aerial streams at structure fire
Firefighters and aerial streams at scene of Los Angeles fire in a boarded-up restaurant
Bulldozer turning over flaming debris
Multiple exterior streams including an aerial stream placed on the structure
Two aerial streams are poured on the building
A City of Los Angeles fire truck pumping at the fire
A Caterpillar excavator being used to knock down flaming debris
Firefighter puts water on the debris as excavator turns the pile
Flames and smoke erupt from the building as firefighters work
Firefighters use exterior hoselines on the building in Los Angeles


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