Photos: LAFD Crews Protect Building from Raging North Hollywood Fire

Two teams of LAFD firefighters with hoselines put water through a hole in a rolldown door
Major flames from a fire in a building with City of Los Angeles fire truck in front of structure

Fire photographer Rick McClure shared some photos from the scene of a significant fire in North Hollywood that destroyed two buildings.

According to a report, 111 firefighters from the City of Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department responded on the evening of December 21 to a fire at 5400 N Tujunga Ave.

The fire destroyed two buildings that housed three businesses. Firefighters successfully defended a third building that was under construction in the framing stage.

While this incident was reported as an outside fire extending into a building, LAFD Arson Section is on scene conducting the cause investigation. A residential high-rise building across from the fire was impacted by smoke blanketing the area but there were no medical complaints. Firefighters ensured the building was ventilated and cleared all alarms.

Rick McClure/YouTube
City of Los Angeles fire truck putting water on fire coming from the roof of a building
Multiple hoselines attached to a fire hydrant
A hose stream from atop a fire apparatus is directed at the fire building
Flames shoot from the roof of the building in Los Angeles
Flames shoot from the top of the building as firefighter observes from atop a Los Angeles City fire truck
Flames seen through a door as Los Angeles fires put water through the doorway
Two firefighters on a hoseline put water on the fire
Firefighters with multiple hoses place water on the fire in Los Angeles
Hose stream from an apparatus and a portable monitor
Two teams of LAFD firefighters with hoselines put water through a hole in a rolldown door
Firefighter with a hoseline administers water


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