Photos: LAFD Firefighters Rapidly Knock Down House Fire

LAFD firefighters pull lines at a raging structure fire

Fire photographer Rick McClure  shared some photos of City of Los Angeles (LAFD) fire crews making quick work of a house fire earlier this month.

On November 10, 2020, LAFD companies responded to this house fire at 16803 W Minnehaha in the Granada Hills section of the San Fernando Valley. It took 26 firefighters just 18 minutes to fully extinguished the fire no injuries reported. Firefighters conducted a primary and secondary search and found no occupants in the home.

See more photos below.

Multiple City of Los Angeles firefighters at structure fire
Firefighter with a hook walking with flames on roof of building
Flames lick up at tree as firefighters respond to burning building with a basketball hoop
LAFD firefighter directs hose stream onto heavily involved building
Massive flames rip through structure in Los Angeles
Firefighter directs hose stream through window as fire burns in structure
Firefighter leaning into a window with a hoseline
FIrefighters continue to hit hot spots in Los Angeles
Firefighters with two hoselines at fire in Granada Hills


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