Police Arrest Three Men in Denver Bar Fire Killings

Three men were arrested for investigation of murder after a Denver bar was set on fire to cover up five killings committed during a robbery, reports the Associated Press.

“I don’t want to say that it was a robbery gone bad, but it wound up being a robbery,” police Cmdr. Ronald Saunier said of the early deaths. “The arson was set to try to cover up the crime scene.”

The fire occurred at about 1:30 a.m. on a poker night at the bar. Firefighters found the bodies of one man and four women, including the owner of the bar, 63-year-old Young Fero

The medical examiner identified the other victims as Daria M. Pohl, 22; Kellene Fallon, 45; Ross Richter, 29; and Tereasa Beesley, 45. Pohl, Fallon and Beesley were from Denver. Richter was from Overland Park, Kan., but had recently worked in Colorado.

Investigators were led to the three suspects by tips received after a news conference. Saunier believes the men had been to the bar before.

Read more of the story here http://bo.st/TyUDkQ

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