Port Orange (FL) ‘Keep the Wreath Green’ Campaign Comes to a Close with 4 Red Bulbs

As 2010 drew to a close, so did Port Orange (FL) Fire-Rescue’s 3rd Annual “Keep the Wreath Green Campaign.” Unfortunately, this was a record-breaking year for the campaign, with four fires in Port Orange between December 1st and 31st, totaling $53,000 in property damage. The first three fires came early in the month on December 3rd (5408 Barhydt Ave.), December 4th (6027 Central Park Blvd.), and December 11th (Triangle Motel 5080 Ridgewood Ave.). The final fire of the campaign occurred on December 20th at 1102 Viking Dr. In light of this record-breaking campaign, Port Orange Fire & Rescue encourages all residents to make fire safety one of their resolutions for 2011. 

The “Keep the Wreath Green” Campaign is designed to reduce the number of fires during a time of serious fire dangers. Each time firefighters respond to fire within the City of Port Orange between December 1st and 31st, a green bulb will be replaced with a red one to remind citizens of the dangers of fire posed by carelessness during the holiday.

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