Product Focus

Amkus Rescue Systems is proud to introduce the new MODEL 25E SPEEDWAY CUTTER. The powerful, versatile Speedway cutter is designed for racing but lends itself to everyday vehicle rescue. This long- blade, wide-opening cutter covers the need for continuous cutting, such as B and C posts, third doors, and roofs. It provides a maximum cutting force of 60,000 pounds with a maximum cutter opening of seven inches at tips and eight inches at center. It weighs 34 pounds and has dimensions of 23.5 2 9 2 7.5 inches. (630) 515-1800.

Ward Diesel Filter Systems’ patented on-board, state-of-the-art NO-SMOKE EXHAUST REMOVAL SYSTEM eliminates the toxic exhaust that diesel engines emit. Fire departments across the country are solving the die-sel pollution health hazards in the station with this totally automatic system. Features hands-off operation when exiting or returning to the station, easy maintenance, and guaranteed satisfaction. The No-Smoke system fits seamlessly under any apparatus, needs no hanging hoses, and meets all established NIOSH/OSHA regulations. Web site: (800) 845-4665.

Superior Signal, with more than 40 years of supplying smoke for realistic drills, offers disposable SMOKE GENERATORS and dependable SMOKE MACHINES. Inexpensive disposable smoke items produce 40,000 cubic feet of dense smoke in three minutes. Smoke can be seen for miles and is great for outdoor disaster simulation. The ST-10 SMOKE MACHINE produces 4,800 cubic feet of nonirritating smoke a minute and is surprisingly affordable. Its auto timer ensures the right amount of smoke when you need it. (732) 251-0800.

Honda and Tele-Lite introduce the truly innovative TEU1000iD 1,000-watt generator with 500-watt light kit. The unit is lighter (36 pounds) and smaller (24 2 10 2 15 inches). It produces electricity as good as commercial sources with a wave distortion so low it can be used to power even the most frequency- and voltage-sensitive equipment. This ultra low-noise generator can operate up to 8.7 hours; linking two generators doubles your power. (800) 538-0022.

The G.E.M. SYSTEM™ from Grace Industries, Inc. provides automated personnel accountability at the emergency incident. Combining PASS technology with spread-spectrum radio signals, the G.E.M. System indicates the status of all personnel present on the scene. If a firefighter’s T-PASS

The MULTIRAE PLUS from Rae Systems is an extremely flexible monitor configurable with a variety of sensors as a diffusion or pumped instrument and with alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The MultiRAE is the only instrument available on the market today that offers both photoionization detection and standard gas protection. (408) 752-0723.

The UPF (United Plastic Fabricating) POLY-TANKT IIE is manufactured from PT2E copolymer polypropylene with BP Amoco Polymers, Inc. resin. The Poly Tank IIE has the greatest low-temperature impact strength, best weldability, and highest flexibility of any tank available today. The Poly Tank IIE is 50 percent lighter than a steel tank, is 10 percent lighter than a fiberglass tank, and has water/foam combinations ranging from 20 to 4,000 gallons. (800) 638-8265.

Robwen, Inc. is pleased to introduce the next generation in foam proportioning—the HYDRO-FLO SERIES. Maintaining the benefits of the long-standing Robwen bladder systems, the Hydro-Flo 100 enables the user to pump foam from 0.1 to 1.0 percent continuously. The Hydro-Flo 100 is a discharge-side, automatic, positive-pressure foam proportioner. (800) 365-9281.

PlymoVent makes firefighter safety priority #1. Con-trolling diesel exhaust in the fire station has become fire departments’ top safety priority. PlymoVent is the best proven solution to this problem, offering three types of systems, which are backed by nationwide service and installation teams. PlymoVent’s SBTA SYSTEM has been designed to provide firefighters with the most dependable and user-friendly exhaust ventilation system on the market today. (800) 644-0911.

The Knox Company has been manufacturing high-security key boxes, vaults, cabinets, key switches, and padlocks for 25 years. This proven rapid entry system reduces response time, property damage, and liability for lost keys. More than 6,000 fire departments, government agencies, and military installations depend on Knox products and support services. Other products include Knox FDC CAPS for protecting standpipes from vandalism and the Knox-Scan INFRARED HEAT SENSOR for detecting hidden hot spots. (800) 552-5669.

The SPIROMATIC-S BREATHING APPARATUS is a major upgrade to Interspiro’s Spiro-matic model. It features a simpler over-the-shoulder hose routing, wider straps with smooth rolling parachute-style buckles, an integrated PASS, and a simple but effective buddy breathing approach. Maintenance costs and downtime are reduced with Spiro-matic-S quick-change modular components. The Spiromatic-S features can be simply and economically added to Spiromatic breathing apparatus currently in use through the Q upgrade program. (800) 468-7788.

The Setcom SYSTEM 930 INTERCOM AND DUAL RADIO MIXER is specifically designed for EMS and other dual radio applications requiring simultaneous transmission on two radios. Remote stations allow crew to prioritize audio inputs from two radios and a full duplex intercom. The crew can converse normally within a vehicle or establish a radio link excluding traffic from other radios. Various headsets can be used, including the new 7B High Comfort Headset. (800) 966-1034.

The COMMAND ZONE™ ELECTRONICS CENTER from Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. is a fully integrated central control system that encompasses vehicle information/diagnostics systems including multiplexing, Pierce Controller IV, and Pierce Information Centers. Apparatus may be connected directly to Pierce headquarters via computer and modem for remote troubleshooting. Operators have instant access to engine temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, engine overheating warning, and other information displayed at driver’s instrument panel and pump operator’s panel. Available on Pierce Dash 2000 and Lance 2000 custom apparatus. (920) 832-3155.

Augustus Fire Tool® announces the addition of a one-inch NST full-time swivel (FTS) on the handle of its SERIES 200 and 300 HOSELINE PIERCING NOZZLE TOOLS. The FTS affords more operational flexibility when penetrating exterior surfaces while combating compartmentalized fires using the indirect method of attack. The swivel will accept booster lines or the various hose WHIPs supplied with Augustus Fire Tool Hoseline models. These high-quality piercing applicators and accessories were designed with the primary objective of safety for fire service personnel. (888) 299-9333.

Skedco’s RESCUE HAULER 4:1 PULLEY SYSTEM is a double three-inch pulley with a cam and a matching double pulley. The cam prevents the load from dropping when you release your grip on the rope and is guaranteed for life. The pulley and sheaves are anodized to meet a 200-hour salt spray test. Larger pulley sheaves increase efficiency and are kind to the rope. It accepts 3

Quality COLOR CONNECTIONS from Kochek offer outstanding flexibility. You can clearly see the difference with such features including smaller dimensions, tight tolerances, color coding, and superior pressure resistance. Call Kochek today! Kochek Co., Inc. Specialty Fire Equipment; 271 Old Colony Road, Box 369 Eastford, CT 06242; (800) 420-4673; fax, (800) 772-0255. Web site:, E-mail:

The Norriton Hydraulics’ Heat-Shield is a radical new design for cooling vests. Designed for hot, humid situations where light weight and flexibility are important considerations, Heat-Shield provides almost three hours of active cooling and passive heat shielding. It incorporates a unique design to wick away moisture, condense it, and channel it out the vest. Heat-Shield is designed to be frozen over and over in a common freezer and yet maintain a comfortable temperature next to the body. (800) 300-5438.

Introducing the safest way to store and transport SCBA bottles in your fire station, the GEARMASTERS PORTABLE AIR BOTTLE TRUCK from P & R Products Company. It features Fire-Kote™ electrostatic epoxy finish; heavy-duty, push/pull steering handle; and standard backguards on all shelf levels. Additionally, it has rugged industrial swivel casters with two locking foot brakes and static-free polymer/ABS bottle bed liners. It easily stores up to 16 air cylinders and has dimensions of 24 2 36 2 41 inches. (800) 852-6088. Web site:

Phoenix Rescue Equipment introduces a new high-flow series simultaneous-operation SYMO POWER UNIT configuration. It offers full flow with no loss of speed or performance, no flow reduction, and a 4.5-gallon reservoir all in a new space-saving compact package that’s ideal for operations. The Phoenix Symo Power Unit delivers higher flows and faster tool cycle times through extended hose lengths than any other power unit. (931) 845-4585.

This is the reference book rescuers have been looking for! Holmatro introduces THE RESCUER’S GUIDE TO VEHICLE SAFETY SYSTEMS. This book provides you with detailed information on the presence and location of air bag systems, seat belt pretensioners, batteries, and gas struts by year, make, and model for every domestic and imported car sold in North America since 1985. (410) 768-9662.

FLYING CROSS by Fech-heimer is proud to introduce the first 100-percent cotton, NFPA-compliant ALL COTTON DELUXE UNIFORM. The fabric is virtually fade- and wrinkle-free, with a heavier weight, and preshrunk with a uniform-style appearance. All Cotton Deluxe has the durability, comfort, and image that firefighters de-mand, along with economy, and availability to meet budget and delivery requirements. (800) 543-1939.

The field-proven ISG K90 TALISMAN, the smallest and lightest THERMAL IMAGER, is now available with DIGITEK, a new image enhancement system that takes thermal imaging to the next level by electronically enhancing the technology for the firefighting environment. The K90 Talisman is equipped with video overlay, on-screen temperature measurement, secured digital transmitter, 4.8 hours per battery charge, and other features. (877) SEE-FIRE.

BASOFILT FIBER OUTER SHELLS from BASF block heat better with a TPP 40 percent higher than the NFPA requirement and substantially higher than most competitive outer shells. This superior heat blocking allows for an ensemble with a lighter, thinner thermal liner that surpasses TPP requirements and helps reduce heat stress. Basofil fiber offers the best combination in thermal protection and heat stress relief. Basofil fiber is also found in thermal liners, moisture barriers, and hoods. (800) 216-3640.

Thorogood Footwear by Weinbrenner introduces safety toe and nonsafety toe EMS BOOTS. Both styles feature black waterproof, flame- and cut-resisting leather and a total boot membrane by Sympatex that’s waterproof and in accordance with ASTM F 1671, Standard Test Method for Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to Blood Borne Pathogens. A Vibram Matuyar sole provides durability and oil- and slip-resistant qualities. For added comfort, there’s comfort-weave linings, a padded collar and tongue, and a removable Poly-Pillow Footpacer insole system to absorb shock and reduce fatigue. (800) 826-0002.

The LION APPAREL PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS CATALOG from Lion Apparel includes descriptions and photos of JanesvilleT and Body-GuardT turnouts, Lion Helmet systems, StationWear, Medic 1TM three-season outerwear for EMS use, IsodriTM protective systems, technical liner systems, compression systems, integrated rescue harness, integrated lumbar support, the California Ever-Dry-Reach SystemTM, and the zip-in liner system. Sections cover burns, fibers, fabric, stitching, and performance standards beneficial when specifying protective clothing. (800) 421-2926.

The new Havis Shields MAGNAFIRE 3000 H.I.D. FLOODLIGHT lights up a nighttime emergency scene directly from a 12-volt battery. The Magnafire Model 3100 uses new H.I.D. technology that is nearly four times more efficient (producing more lumens per watt) than quartz halogen, allowing the use of lower wattage bulbs. It draws just six amps at 12 VDC and needs no costly generators or inverters. The Magnafire Series is available in many different mounting styles. (800) 524-9900. Web site:

FirePrograms just completed a four-year project to provide UNIVERSAL DATA TRANSFER (UDT) for EMS data. The module is part of the Station Manager Software package and has an uploading feature that meets all 50 current EMS data upload standards and more. The program allows users to create their own custom script, define a new upload script as required, or make changes to an existing one. UDT allows users to transfer the same data in multiple formats to multiple agencies. Users can send data to the county EMS coordinator in one format and then to an insurance billing company in another format. Universal Data Transfer brings it all together. (800) 327-7638.

The AERIAL APPARATUS DRIVER/OPERATOR HANDBOOK (SECOND EDITION) is available now with curriculum! New from IFSTA, this manual is essential for the optimum use of all aerial apparatus and meets NFPA 1002 requirements. The accompanying curriculum includes a mixture of classroom theory, practical in-field training, and self-study. This material assists the student and instructor in providing a meaningful educational experience. Contact Fire Protection Publications at (800) 654-4055 for information on the curriculum material and study guide to complement the manual.

Zumro, Inc., America’s leading manufacturer of air shelters, introduces its 400-SQUARE-FOOT AIR SHELTER. Zumro Air Shelters range in size between 128 and 400 square feet, and Zumro’s unsurpassed “closed-system” high-strength airframe technology and extensive ability to customize its shelters ensure a superior product. Zumro Air Shelters have a proven track record backed by the best warranty in the business. They can be used under severe weather conditions (tested in 60 mph winds and 1,000-pound snowload) and in diverse operations from simple rehab to mass decontamination. (800) 932-6003.

Fantraxx™ new LOW-PROFILE POSITIVE-PRESSURE FAN fits in a 2¼- X 21- X 20-inch compartment while retaining all the important features of the 21- and 24-inch models. These include the Honda 5.5-hp engine, one-inch by 16-gauge steel tube wraparound frame, eight-inch pneumatic tires on steel wheels with stainless-steel ball bearings, stainless-steel full-width axle, infinite 40-degree tilt mechanism, and wide folding T handle for superior maneuverability. (440) 891-1523. E-mail:

The INGER DOG IN-Ground Exhaust Removal SYSTEM from Inger Dog, Inc. is designed to give the highest durability, lowest maintenance, and longest life and has shorter hoses. The automatic hose disconnect has nothing on the end to damage equipment and hooks up to engines with vertical exhaust pipes. Additionally, the Inger Dog system has automatic fan activation and a UL-approved control panel. The system can be taken out of service easily with floor cover plates. The 100-percent point source capture system is out of sight! (800) 300-5438.

FDM Software’s RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND COMPUTER-AIDED DISPATCH SYSTEM is a powerful and flexible application designed for the fire and emergency medical services. FDM Software products offer departments a variety of ways to improve communications and information systems by offering the latest in industry standard development tools. FDM products are all fully integrated, modular-based, client/server applications with full GIS Mapping capability. NFIRS 5.0-compliant. Web site: (800) 986-9941.

Circle-D’s UL-listed, Type 3/R PORTABLE POWERBOX JUNCTION BOX gives you power where you need it, when you need it! Made of heavy-wall, cast-aluminum alloy with stainless-steel hardware, the Powerbox consists of four single-twist lock receptacles (many configurations are available). Easy-grip integral carrying handle and bright locator light. Flip-lids are spring-loaded, waterproof, and fitted with neoprene gaskets to keep out dust and water. Your choice of either High-Visibility Yellow or Silver Hammertone corrosion-resistant, powder-coated finishes. Convenient optional mounting brackets are also available. (800) 883-8382, (201) 933-5500.

Russell Associates, Inc.’s SPIKY-PLUS PULLOVERS for boots work on the same principle as studded snow tires and provide proven protection against slipping on ice. Top-quality natural and synthetic rubber stretches to go on or off quickly, yet has a very snug but comfortable fit. Steel studs are harder than tungsten or carbon steel, thus giving years of service under normal conditions. Lightweight Spiky-Plus comes in a wide range of sizes to fit even large or bulky boots. The Spiky sling model is also available. (888) 477-4597. Web site:

The ALCO-LITE PUMPER LADDERS from Aluminum Ladder Company have been the standard in the industry since 1930 and are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for use on general firefighting trucks and pumpers. They are field-repairable with factory parts; meet or exceed NFPA 1931 standards; and are equipped with oversized 2½-inch pulleys for easy operation, high-strength steel butt spurs, and rounded aluminum top caps for increased durability. Special widths for replacement ladders are available on request. For our new catalog, call (800) 752-2526.

Now you can instantly connect your Firecom HEADSETS to almost any portable radio and maintain communications on-scene. Take control of incident command, operate the pump panel, communicate from the aerial, or perform any other remote operation without missing a second of vital information. The system includes a specially modified Firecom Headset with a customized adapter that connects directly to your existing portable radio and adds required hearing protection meeting NFPA 1500 standards. (800) 527-0555.

Take scratched metal. Add water. And what do you get? Rust. Not anymore. Now there’s DRI-DEK from Dri-Dek Corporation. New, improved Dri-Dek that does more than just shield your compartments from light gear. It handles the big stuff, too. From jaws to generators, Dri-Dek lets you “haul ’em out” without scratching the surface. And when your gear goes back wet, Dri-Dek lifts it to dry up any moisture. No moisture. No rust. End of story. (800) 348-2398.

This new series RESCUE TRUCK combines Hackney’s famous unique features with traditional aesthetics. The standard roof compartment provides ample storage for equipment and telescoping light tower. Mountable on any rated commercial or custom chassis; the body is available in an eight- or 11-compartment configuration. With up to 800 cubic feet of usable, friendly space, it’s configurable for heavy rescue, USAR, air/light, service operations, and other uses. (800) 763-0700. Web site:

CROSSTECHT FOOTWEAR FABRIC from W. L. Gore & Associates is incorporated in leather footwear for structural firefighting and emergency medical operations. Available in a variety of shoe and boot styles, this footwear is waterproof, lightweight, breathable and flexible. Boots with CROSSTECHT footwear fabric provide liquid penetration resistance against blood, body fluids, and NFPA common chemicals, and meet or exceed the appropriate standards in each market. Available through Bates, Black Diamond, LaCrosse, Ranger, Rocky, and Warrington Pro. (800) 431-GORE (4673).

Waterous Company’s MONARCHTM INTAKE VALVE is designed to simplify firefighting operations. It includes a super short intake fitting, a six-inch butterfly valve, and a six-inch hose nipple with an integral dump valve-mounting flange. The Monarch is available with manual or air actuator and mounts behind the side panels on the fire apparatus. Options include a pneumatic actuator, a front intake flange, and a Waterous intake relief valve. If ordered with a new Waterous midship pump, Waterous will install and test the Monarch system. (612) 450-5000.

Scott’s EAGLE IMAGER™ II, the industry’s lightest TIC, features high-definition, autofocus micro-bolometer for unsurpassed imaging with no blurring or halo effects. Inventive radiometry provides on-screen temperature readout, while infotherm technology accurately displays a wide range of viewable temperatures. Three distinct color palettes and the industry’s largest LCD deliver optimum resolution and floor-to-ceiling viewing. Patented redundant cooling system prevents overheating problems. Durable housing supports up to 300 pounds while crawling. (800) 663-3915.

Since 1988, Action Training Systems, Inc. has provided complete NFPA standards-based training solutions for both classroom and individual fire training. Two new HAZ-MAT PROGRAMS are now available on video and interactive CD-ROM: HAZMAT RECOGNITION and HAZMAT IDENTIFICATION. Web site: (800) 755-1440, ext. 3.

Trelleborg Viking offers the best suit on the market for following NFPA guidelines. The VP1 SUIT is an NFPA 1991-2000 certified suit, compliant as a single-skin garment. No need to buy costly overcovers that reduce motion flexibility. It is strong and durable enough for use as a training suit and then for an actual haz-mat incident response. All factors considered, your department will have complete flexibility of use. (800) 344-4458.

DEFENDERS™ SKID UNITS from United Plastic Fabricating (UPF) have a lifetime warranty. Manufactured from black gloss polypropylene (Defender™2) or black textured polyproplyene (Defender™3), Defenders™ skid units will never rust or corrode! Defenders™ can easily be slid directly into the bed of most pickup or utility bodies or flatbed. Call UPF today to order your Defender™. We have many in stock in all sizes! If you need a custom size, specify the Defender™1. (800) 638-8265.

CITROSQUEEZET from Emco Industries, Inc. is a high-performance, biodegradable turnout gear cleaner. It is specially formulated to remove harmful and stubborn hydrocarbons and soil resulting from fires and chemical spills. CitrosqueezeT meets NFPA 1851 and is used by the leading PPE commercial cleaning and repair facilities for some of the largest fire departments in the country. CitrosqueezeT has been tested and proven safe by Dupont for cleaning NomexT, Southern Mills for cleaning PBIT and KevlarT, W.L. Gore and Associates (Germany) for cleaning Gore-texT, and 3M Products for cleaning ScotchliteT Retroreflective Firecoat Trims #8486/7, 8486/7, 9825, 8930, 8935, 8986/7, 9910, and 9486/7. Web site: (888) 727-3230.

This Rescue 1 AUTO-EXTRICATION/FIRE COMMAND VEHICLE was delivered to the Carlstadt (NJ) Fire Department, it features a custom 22-foot, crew walk-in, all-extruded aluminum heavy-rescue body mounted on a Spartan Gladiator LFD custom chassis. The 11-foot-high unit is 36 feet in overall length, featuring an Amkus Ultimate hydraulic system powered by a 25-kw AMPS hydraulic generator. A 15-foot Will-Burt Nightscan light tower is recess mounted into the roof, which has four large roof storage compartments accessible from a rear stairway. All equipment is installed with custom-constructed tool mounts and brackets. RESCUE 1 … building quality custom rescue vehicles since 1946. (800) 752-8786.

Draeger Safety, Inc. and Infrared Components Corporation introduce the FIREOPTIC™ —RIT (RAPID INTERVENTION TECHNOLOGY) THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA to use “Instant-On” microbolometer technology. Provides instant picture in less than 500 milliseconds over a broad temperature range. Provides a sharp display and broad viewing angles for simultaneous multiple-person observation. Digital zoom expands 25-mm lens image to 2X and 4X magnification with one keystroke. Dual-battery run time extended from three to five hours. Lifetime warranty on the chassis and display glass; two-year warranty on all the electronics. New “instant-on” feature and software upgrade package can be added to all existing FireOpTIC™ cameras. (800) 615-5503.

HELMETS delivered on time! Tried ordering helmets lately? Then you know “it’s gonna be awhile.” Not so with Morning Pride! Our BEN 2 PLUS (worn by FDNY) and our modern style LITE FORCE PLUS HELMETS are being shipped on time! Without a doubt, it’s the best, safest, and most comfortable helmet you’ll ever own. Don’t wait, order today. Go to for the details, or call (800) 688-6148.

FTS (Fire Training Systems) introduces the training solution you have been waiting for: the containerized concept complete with two propane-fueled systems as well as Class A burners. This highly innovative approach translates into safe, effective, realistic, and affordable training—now! Move it on-site, plug it in, and begin training—it’s that simple. Give your firefighters the training they need—NOW. Web site: (888) 881-3875, (613) 354-9814.

The Sling-Link MAST (Multiple Application Service Tool) is used by some of the most advanced rescue teams and instructors in the country. The MAST is not just for “Saving Our Own” programs, rapid intervention teams, or FAST teams. It’s a tool that can be carried in the bunker pants pocket for multiple functions, including rigging equipment, rescue, as a means of escape, and as an OSHA-approved lifting sling. Each MAST meets NFPA 1983 (1995 edition) as a personal or general use auxiliary harness. The uses of the MAST are unlimited, simple, and they work. Web site: (800) 874-7219.

The David Clark Company manufactures communications systems designed for emergency, rescue, and fire vehicles. Our SERIES 3800 and SERIES 4200 are the perfect solution for noisy applications. You can design anything from a no-frills intercom for several people to an intricate system for 20 people with multiple-radio interface, digital voice recording, and VOX (voice-activated intercom). We also make a utility radio adapter (ideal for communications at the pump panel), headset stations that allow hands-free operation for use in ambulances, and noise-attenuating headsets and adapters for handheld radios. We can custom design a system to fit your needs. (508) 751-5800. Fax: (508) 753-5728. E-mail: Web site:

Start managing your PPE. With the new NFPA 1851, Standard on Selection, Care and Maintenance, there’s a lot more to do now when it comes to your gear. Only Morning Pride’s ADVANCED PROTECTIVE TRACKING SYSTEM (APT) solves your problem! Each and every Morning Pride garment is barcoded (as a standard feature) to help you turn this problem into a solution. Compare your options and you’ll find the only genuine solution … Morning Pride’s APT! Call us at (800) 688-6148 for all the details!

Hannay’s full-color TRIAD RESCUE SERIES REEL CATALOG provides detailed information on the standard Triad Rescue Series package. Additionally, there is information on the ability to customize the series to meet a variety of special pressure, temperature, voltage, and breathing air needs. The standard Triad Rescue Series includes the F1500 hose reel for utility and breathing air hose; the CR1600 for live electrical cable to provide onsite power; and the F2000 hose reel, which accommodates hydraulic hose for power rescue tools. (877) GO-REELS.

C.E.T. Fire Pumps’ ATVs are equipped to fight a variety of fires in hard-to-access terrain. The amphibious vehicle is engineered for remote wildland firefighting, search and rescue, personnel and equipment transport, EMS, and haz-mat response. It carries 100 gallons of water; sprays water, foam, or gel at fires; and may be designed for any fire service need. (800) 567-2719.

This Wheeled Coach FIREMEDIC SERIES unit will not only be customized to your exacting specifications but can also be equipped with the following field-proven quality features unique to Wheeled Coach:

  • FireMedic Series available in Type I, III, MAV, and SRV models
  • Self-diagnostic printed circuit board
  • Foam suppression system
  • Pure Air Filtration System®
  • Corian® counter action area
To find out more about our customized, comprehensive product line or to request a complimentary FireMedic brochure, call (800) 422-8206. Web site:

With a maximum flow of up to 5,000 gpm, Schwing America, Inc.’s ARTICULATED FIRE BOOMS rapidly saturate fires. With a maximum reach of 130 feet, the flexible multisection booms can reach up, out, down, and over obstructions to effectively pinpoint fires. The trucks can be set up in minutes and are easy to operate. The Schwing line of booms for firefighting offers an attractive alternative to the conventional telescoping ladder or fixed-spray systems. Four models are available: the high-flow, three-section GLA 85; GLA 110; GLA 130; and four-section GMB-34 with 115-foot aerial platform. (562) 493-1008.

Groves, Inc. presents the HW-1 HOSE WINDER and THREE-TIER HOSE RACKS. The hose winder is collapsible; fits mobile, stationary, or fixed racks; accommodates one- to four-inch hose; winds tight coils or donuts; roller guide removes air and water as it rolls small diameter hose; and fits racks with 2½-inch tubular frame. The Model HC-64-3T hose rack is 72 inches long and accommodates 2,000 feet of 2½-inch hose; the HC-96-3T is 104 inches long and accommodates 3,000 feet of 2½-inch hose. Two-tier racks are available. (800) 991-2120.

IntecT Video Systems, Inc.’s VIDEO SENTINEL SCENE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM is designed for use on aerial platform trucks. The fully remote positionable zoom camera allows the incident commander full scene overview with remote pan and tilt. VCR compatibility allows recording for later review and critique. It has a 2,400-foot thermal detection range, and optional wireless technology allows viewing from up to three miles away. It provides high-resolution color images and has a motorized zoom lens for detailed viewing. (800) 468-3254.

Hale Products announces the release of an NFPA-compliant, large-diameter intake valve designed with a built-in pressure relief valve. Designed to fit behind the pump operator panel, the MASTER INTAKE VALVE (MIV) is engineered to be an integral part of the pump, eliminating the safety hazard of a bulky valve hanging outside the running boards. An oversized 6.4-inch-diameter bore and streamlined butterfly disc design allow the MIV to remain in place during high-volume draft operations. Each valve is equipped with panel placards, status lights indicating valve position, and an air bleeder port and is available in manual and electrical configurations. (610) 825-6300.

Trying to find stationwear that is long lasting, cost-effective, retains its appearance over time, and offers superior protection? Look no further. NOMEXT STATIONWEAR provides the durability, value, and professional look you need with the thermal performance only DuPont NomexT thermal technology can offer. (800) 453-8527.

Globe LIFELINE EMS™ from the world leader in protective clothing. Using the same innovation and high-quality construction Globe Manufacturing has put into its protective firefighter gear for more than 100 years, LifeLineEMS is designed specifically for EMS professionals. LifeLineEMS brings protection, comfort, and durability to EMS gear by including CROSSTECHT EMS fabric for blood, body fluid, and NFPA common chemical resistance and NOMEXT brand fiber for flash fire. (603) 435-8323. Web site:

The METROSTIK from American LaFrance, combined with the company’s Eagle chassis, delivers a low 10-foot, eight-inch travel height while maintaining passenger headroom and easy operation/maintenance. A capable rescue aerial or water tower, the MetroStik features an improved hydraulic and cable extension system and dual side-mounted waterways with a retractable monitor system delivering up to 1,000-gpm. Also available on Metropolitan and Business Class chassis in 422 and 624 configurations. (888) 253-8725.

Air Vacuum Corporation is proud to introduce its AIR VAC-911 ENGINE EXHAUST REMOVAL SYSTEM. This ceiling-mounted, self-contained system does not interfere with day-to-day activity or require hoses or vehicle attachments. The Air Vac-911 is made in the USA and meets NFPA/OSHA standards. Web site: (800) 540-7264.

Designed for safety and convenience, the Smeal ERGONOMIC HOSE LOAD (EHL) brings the hosebed down to the firefighter. No more climbing on top of a wet, slippery apparatus to reload large-diameter hose (LDH). Extending 12 feet, six inches from the rear of the truck and positioned chest-high, the EHL holds a minimum of 1,000 feet of five-inch LDH. Smeal sets the standard for safety in fire/rescue apparatus. (402) 568-2224.

Harrington, Inc. introduces a new method of connecting fire hose to hydrants in only seconds! The PERMANENT HYDRANT ADAPTER eliminates time-consuming threading and tightening at critical times. Only a ¼-turn connects the hose to hydrant. The permanent hydrant adapter is ideal where multiple steamer thread sizes are used. Harrington provides adapters with matching threads to fit every hydrant. (800) 553-0078.

Akron Fire Fighting Equipment introduces the new WIDE-RANGE TURBOJETT. It covers a wider range of flows (30, 95, 125, 150, and 200 gpm), comes with a smaller-diameter bumper, and weighs less than the current Mid-Range Turbojet nozzle. The new nozzle features all the benefits of the standard Turbojet nozzle including flow control, rugged durability, and stream performance and is fully compliant with all aspects of NFPA 1901. (800) 228-1161.

The VIKING DIGITAL SCBA from ISI features a heads-up LED air status display built into the AirSwitchT face mask. Four LED lights displaying air status are integrated into the facemask nosepiece, giving the wearer an accurate readout of air supply status, end-of-service alarm, radio transmission and PASS pre-alarm. Other features: waterproof microphone integrated into the inner nosepiece, one-step regulator and facemask sanitation, elimination of docking a regulator, a lower profile, and a larger optically correct viewing area. (888) ISI-SAFE.

KME’s FIVE-SECTION MIDMOUNT PLATFORMS offer low maintenance and high-strength with a 1,000-pound platform load. They are highly maneuverable and have the largest compartmentation capacity in the industry. The AerialCats include a -12 to +80-degree range of elevation; 81-, 95-, and 100-foot configurations, and overall lengths starting at less than 43 feet. These Aerial Cats also have the shortest wheelbases of any midmounts in the fire service and come with a standard computerized outrigger autoleveling system. (570) 669-5132.

Bauer Compressors, Inc. introduces two additions to its Unicus II SCBA cylinder re-charging station line, the UNII/35-E3 or UNII/ 42-E3 FULLY INTE-GRATED COMPRESSOR SYSTEM with our performance proven, continuous-duty air-cooled compressors. Heavy-duty welded construction provides a firm foundation for all pressure bearing components. The sound-attenuated cabinet is built for against-the-wall installation. The package accommodates the 5,000- or 6,000-psig, four-stage compressor driven by a 30-hp electric motor. Discharge capacities of 35.9 scfm charge rate (based on recharging an 80-cubic-foot tank from 500 to 3,000 psig) at 6,000 psi or 42.0 scfm charge rate at 5000 psi make both units true workhorses that will provide many years of unsurpassed service. (757) 855-6006.

Effective protection is a must when facing serious hazards—no matter what industry or business you are in. DuPont TyvekT PROTECTIVE APPAREL is the recognized worldwide leader in protective fabrics, offering many fabric choices to meet your safety needs, from limited-uses fabrics such as Tyvek and chemical protective fabrics of TychemT to reusable fabrics such as StaSafeT. Du-Pont fabrics offer an excellent combination of barrier protection, durability, reliability, and visibility. (800) 44-TYVEKT Web site:

The CAIRNSVIPER™ HANDHELD THERMAL IMAGER from Cairns Advanced Technologies has an industry leading field of view, 1807 rotating display, and unique two-stage intelligent color. The CairnsVIPER™ is the standard to which all other imagers aspire. It’s two-stage intelligent, so instead of seeing in shades of gray like most imagers, it displays burning solid materials in red and shades of yellow. This new feature provides useful information needed to fight fires more efficiently. Visit or call Cairns Advanced Technologies at (800) 230-1600.

Cold weather firefighters! Canadian firefighters know a little something about cold weather firefighting. With their input, Morning Pride has created the innovative WINNIPEG MITT. Designed for interior structural firefighting during cold weather operations, this full-feature mitt provides you with incredible protection and comfort while operating inside and still protects your hands from cold winter weather while working outside! Contact your Morning Pride dealer or call The Total Fire Group at (800) 688-6148 today!

Emergency One, Inc.’s new HP95 MID-MOUNT PLATFORM has a four-section aerial device (instead of five-section) for more rigidity when climbing ladder and a newly designed, 16.3-square-foot platform with a four-person rating of 1,000 pounds that allows for 305 pounds of equipment. Features automatic leveling system and the 57-cubic-foot SideStackerTM hosebed that can be reloaded without raising the ladder. Designed with our E-LogicTM multiplexing electrical system that allows for fewer components and connections through the vehicle, reducing potential problems. (352) 237-1122.

American Rescue Technology, Inc. will be delivering their new ART C-260 T-REX CUTTER to dealers. The new T-Rex has 10-inch jaws with the shearing power of 110,000 pounds of cutting pressure and meets national and international certification standards. The ART C-260 T-Rex is the latest addition to the renowned Genesis Series of rescue tools. (937) 228-3300.

The INSIGHT FLOW METER from Fire Research Corporation displays the gpm and total flow of water or water/foam mixture moving through a pipe. Smaller chrome-colored gauge looks and fits better in your panel layouts. Flow calibration is easier through the push-button interface. Multiple point calibration feature stores calibrations for different flow ranges in permanent memory. Improves flow readings in less-than-ideal sensor installation situations. The unique Safeflow feature allows an operator to program warning points for flow. Databus makes it easier to sum or total the flows from multiple sensors. Available for in-line as well as portable use. (631) 724-8888.

The redesigned Class I, Division 2 SURVIVORT FLASHLIGHT from Streamlight gives firefighters a superior level of visibility. Operational for 1.7 continuous hours, the rechargeable flashlight features Smoke CutterT optics that penetrate smoke, fog, and mist with up to 25,000 candlepower. The Survivor features a new steel hinged door and latch for quick, accessible battery replacement, and is available with the new PiggyBackTM charging system that enables simultaneous charging of the light and a spare battery. (800) 523-7488.

Weighing only 2½ pounds, the palm-size Bullard T3 THERMAL IMAGER is ushering in a new generation of thermal imagers for firefighters. The new T3 is ideal for firefighters who desire a small, lightweight, and compact unit for optimal ease of handling on the fireground. The unit is based on Raytheon’s next-generation amorphous silicon microbolometer technology and offers unmatched durability with half the weight and size of other units on the market. As the first manufacturer to offer this technology to the fire service, Bullard has solidified itself as the technology leader in the industry. (800) 827-0423.

The Westerbeke FIRE-RESCUE DIESEL GENERATORS deliver enough power for lights and tools without the worry of load-shedding. They can be up and running enroute; operate independent of the main engine; fit into and run cool even in tight compartments; are economical; and don’t require the installation of complicated hydraulic hoses, tanks, or transmission PTOs. Westerbeke Fire-Rescue generators are compact, lightweight, can simultaneously output both AC and DC, feature simple servicing and reliable performance, and come with superb warranty and field support. Web site: (800) 343-0480.

MSA’s FIREHAWK MMR is the world’s first SCBA regulator that allows firefighters to see the connection point on their SCBA while retaining full communications capability. With the “fast-track” mounting system, the regulator quickly attaches to the facepiece within the wearer’s field of vision, slides down the fast track, and docks at the bottom of the mask. Once it is docked, downward vision and the SCBA’s speaking diaphragm are unobstructed. (877) MSA-FIRE.

What would you do in a propane emergency? Would you be able to respond in a safe, effective manner? Developed by the National Propane Gas Association and the Propane Education and Research Council, the PROPANE EMERGENCIES PROGRAM provides fire service and propane industry professionals with free textbooks and facilitator’s guides that discuss how to handle any kind of propane incident. Learn more about the Propane Emergencies program and new interactive training tools at or call (800) 968-9484.

The Safety Vision 5000 SERIES is the newest addition to Safety Vision’s line of quality rear vision products. Features include infrared illuminators, built-in audio, a 1/3inch CCD imager, water-resistant housing, and backlight compensation. The new 5000 series includes a 5.5-inch black-and-white monitor with a waterproof threaded metallic O-ring-sealed connector. (800) 880-8855.

SVI Trucks delivered this Seagraves tractor/tiller to the City of Orange County (CA) Fire/Rescue. It includes SVI’s 16-foot, six-inch aluminum rescue body with eight side compartments, four upper body compartments, and unpainted interior compartment finish; SVI six-foot, six-inch aluminum gooseneck body with one forward facing compartment and one permanent shelf. Tractor includes five-foot SVI aluminum body with two exterior compartments, spare SCBA cylinder storage, and breathing air system location. (800) 525-5224.

Onspot Automatic Tire Chains AUTOMATIC CHAIN SYSTEM is available for the new 2002 International Model 4300LP medium-duty ambulance chassis with the IHC IROS air suspension. As in years past, Onspot has teamed up with IPD suspension systems and has incorporated a mounting point for an IPD antisway bar into the Onspot mounting bracket. Web site: (800) 766-7768.

The all-new AMPS H.P. SERIES hydraulic generator is the most highly advanced on the market today! The H.P. Series is delivered in weatherproof stainless-steel housing, and is equipped with state-of-the-art digital controls! Built-in revolutionary Safe Start™ is greatly superior to the conventional mechanical Soft Start. In addition, it’s equipped with overload and overheat protection circuits. This generator will lead the way into the future of hydraulics. (281) 240-2555.

InforMed’s FIRE & RESCUE FIELD GUIDETM for the Palm OSTM is loaded with color graphics, making it easy to look up vital information. It includes new updated information on fire attack, hazmat/rescue, tactics/ICS, rapid triage/MCI, rapid intervention, EMS protocols, LELs/UELs, disasters, and more! Free demo available. Website: (503) 624-8014.

The Halogen Valve Systems’ EMERGENCY SHUTOFF SYSTEM for chlorine cylinders and ton containers mounts to existing valves without special tools. The valve may be manually opened or closed while the actuator is in place. The actuator closes a chlorine valve in less than one second in response to sensors and remote switches. The automatic-closing, fail-safe valve is a close-only device that is outlined for use in the new fire codes. (877) 476-4222. Web site:

Sigtronics’ comfortable high-performance SE-8 HEADSET protects your hearing and assures crystal-clear voice communications. The “Stop-Break” cable, tough molded plugs, and high-impact ear cups mean the SE-8 will be ready when you are. The Ultrasound voice- activated intercom with our Sigtronics squelch allow hands-free communication. Ultrasound intercoms are compatible with cellular telephones and are designed to interface with single- or dual-radio systems. (909) 305-9399.

Bronto Skylift introduces the revolutionary new F100 RLP RESCUE LADDER PLATFORM, incorporating a telescoping and articulating aerial device capable of 100 feet of vertical reach and 88 feet of horizontal side reach. Articulating upper boom has an approximately 180-degree swing area. The 100-foot rear-mount platform has a NFPA rated ladder for continuous rescue. The platform itself has a 1,000-pound personnel rating; a 210-pound equipment allowance, and swivels 45 degrees each side. (352) 237-1122.

Task Force Tips’new VIT (VALVE INTEGRAL TIP) BALL VALVE SERIES is designed to be the most versatile smooth-bore/ball valve combination available. Delivered with 7/8, 15/16, one-, and 1 1/8-inch smooth-bore tips, the VIT series is available in 1½- and 2½-inch versions. They can be ordered with color-coded pistol grips or TFT’s unique playpipe configuration. Providing outstanding smooth-bore performance, the VIT series is easily matched to fixed, selectable, or automatic tip-only nozzles for “break-and-extend operations.” (800) 348-2686.

Southern Mills’ MILLENIA™ OUTERSHELL FABRIC is the most durable and protective available on the market today. A fiber blend of 40-percent ZylonT and 60-percent TechnoraT, it offers unsurpassed performance and the longest wear life of any outer shell fabric. Millenia offers the highest initial strength (tear and tensile) and performs best in abrasion resistance (cut and tear resistance guaranteed). Millenia is the most thermally stable fabric (remaining supple even after thermal exposure) with the highest strength retention of any outer shell available. Millenia is available in natural (gold) 7.5 ounce (sq. yd.) twill weave with Super Shelltite™ finish for increased water resistance. (800) 241-8630. Web site:

Firefighter Safety! Get the latest word on national fire service and industry related news by subscribing to TotalFireE-NEWS! It’s a no-nonsense, timely e-way to keep you up on issues affecting firefighter protective clothing, safety, and related fire news. Designed not to waste your time, it arrives in your e-mail box in a quick, easy, and simple to understand format at absolutely no cost. Go to and subscribe today as a courtesy from The Total Fire Group!

STATION CLEANER™ is an all-purpose high-performance cleaner from Emco Industries, Inc., the makers of CitrosqueezeT. Station Cleaner™ is biodegradable with near-neutral pH levels. Station Cleaner™ does not contain caustic ingredients such as sodium hydroxide and sodium metasillicate used in other leading cleaning agents. These caustic cleaners will permanently damage painted and polished metal surfaces. Station Cleaner™ is specially formulated to remove soil, hydrocarbons, grease, and grime from diamond plate, fire trucks, SCBA tanks, hoses, nozzles, extraction equipment, helmets, rescue equipment, chain saws, thermal imaging cameras, grills, and other related equipment without harm. (888) 727-3230. Web site:

The Class1 PALM OSTM DIAGNOSTIC TOOL for Class1 ES-Key multiplexing system complements the Class1 WindowsTM based PC interface and modem for on-line worldwide diagnostics. It allows user to access apparatus “as configured” wiring diagrams, force On and Off circuits, capture intermittent problems, and download reports from systems datalogger. Programming and diagnostic tool for Class1 proportional hydraulic valve controls. (800) 533-3569.

Aerial Inspection is an independent, nondestructive testing and inspection company that specializes in AERIAL DEVICE and GROUND LADDER EQUIPMENT TESTING. Today’s sophisticated equipment requires technicians knowledgeable in the operational and functional aspects of towers and ladders. Our testing programs have been providing comprehensive factory and field services to the fire industry for 18 years and are tailored to meet the current NFPA standards. A brochure explaining our testing programs is available. Web site: (800) 237-1197.

ORION MULTIGAS DETECTOR from MSA is offered in fire service kits specifically designed to meet the monitoring needs of the fire service industry. Eighteen kit models allow multiple instrument configurations and options range from the basic diffusion-type unit with alkaline battery pack to deluxe kits with datalogging capabilities and rechargeable batteries. The Orion detects oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and combustible gas. It has two-button operation for use with gloved hands and a large display with great contrast for easy reading even in low-light conditions. (800) MSA-2222.

The Seventh District Volunteer Fire De-partment in Avenue, Maryland, recently took delivery of a Custom Fiberglass Products (CFP) POL-E GOLD CUSTOM T-SHAPED SLIP-IN UNIT. Its 200-gallon water and 10-gallon foam tanks feature a six-inch I-beam base, a fully removable lid, an undertank slideout tool and hose tray, a Darley 2BE18BS 18-hp pump, and a Nordic reel with 200 feet of ¾-inch booster hose. Additionally, it has a Regal ATP foam system, 600-psi brass ball valves, Kochek hose and strainer, and CFP’s unlimited-time, $200-per-day in-service warranty. (800) 323-0911.

CMC Rescue has been the leader in the professional rescue industry for more than 20 years. In addition to manufacturing and distributing top-quality rescue equipment, CMC trains public safety, military, fire, and other emergency responders in a wide variety of technical rescue oriented classes throughout the year. CMC Rescue’s RescueE-NEWS shares product updates, technical information, and industry-related subjects. More information is available in catalog, on our website at (800) 235-5741.

The new X-STREAMT LOW-PRESSURE NOZZLE is now part of the popular Elkhart Brass Select-O-MaticT line of automatic master stream nozzles. The SM-1250 flows from between 350 and 1,250-gpm, is constant flow, and maintains sufficient pressure to apply an effective fire stream ranging from full-fog to straight-stream. Requires less pressure than conventional nozzles—just 50 to 80 psi. Needs no manual gallonage setting because spring mechanism within nozzle adjusts automatically to flow fluctuations and sets discharge orifice size accordingly. (800) 346-0250.

The InnerZone series of CairnsHELMETST ESS FIREFIGHTER’S GOGGLES from MSA are NFPA-compliant. They are certified by an independent lab to meet the performance requirements of NFPA Standard 1971-2000, including the test for exposure to 5007F for five minutes. Made by ESS (Eye Safety Systems), the full vented goggles will not fog, have a comfortable frame, and an easy-to-replace lens. Four different models are available with different attachment configurations for structural helmets. (877) MSA-FIRE.

The Cutters Edge CONCRETE SAWING KIT contains everything necessary for portable concrete cutting. The diamond-plate aluminum case holds the CE101C /12-inch or CE101C/14-inch gasoline concrete cutting chain saw with diamond segmented cutting chain. The kit also includes a CE-40-100 water pump, ¾-inch by 25-foot and ¾-inch by 75-foot woven hose, a 1½-inch by eight-foot suction hose for drafting, a pressurized fuel system for pump, adapters for all standard size connections for municipal or private water sources, and hydrant wrench.

The new MODEL 091-28HP AIR EJECT from Kussmaul Electronics Co. is an automatic air line disconnect for systems operating at 175 psi (13 bar). It automatically disconnects the air line from an emergency vehicle in which the air brake pressure is maintained by an external compressor. When the engine starts, a solenoid valve opens, applying air to a piston that ejects the air hose fitting. Designed specifically for vehicles with high-pressure air systems, the Air Eject ensures that the driver does not drive away and break the air line. (800) 346-0857.

Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc. makes the articulating/telescoping SNOZZLET AERIAL NOZZLE for pumpers and ARFF vehicles; the high-performance RHINOT BUMPER TURRET; the TRI-MAXT FOAM SYSTEMS with Hydro-ChemT technology; and the forward-looking infrared FLIR-BALL THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS for airport vehicles. Crash Rescue, which specializes in ARFF vehicle manufacture and service, recently introduced a mobile training center with vehicle, incident command, and Snozzle simulators. (972) 243-3307.

Used by fire and rescue personnel worldwide, Champion Rescue Tools RC5 CUTTER give the rescuer the powerful cutter needed to deal with the modern metal alloys found in today’s vehicles. The RC5 Cutter, part a complete rescue system, is compatible with all popular hydraulic power units and fluid and can crimp pipe and break concrete. The blade can be changed on-scene in less than one minute. (888) 396-2426.

Product Focus

The waterproof TANKVISION from Fire Research Corporation (FRC) has a wide viewing lens with ultrabright LED indicators that show the amount of water or foam left in the tank. The cast aluminum display housing, connected to the pressure sensor, eliminates the need to measure and maintain tank probes. Self-calibrates to any size or shape of tank and may be connected to any number of remote displays. (631) 724-8888.

On Duty Technology’s SHIFT CALENDAR works with Palm’s Date Book, enabling users to track shifts without typing them all in by hand. Can show just one shift or multiple shifts; program supports many different shift calendar types. Developed by deputy chief/training officer with more than 20 years of experience in partnership with a professional software developer. (760) 930-9711.

The Plysu Protection Systems Ltd. INFLATABLE DECONTAMINATION SHOWER SYSTEM is portable, stowable, and available in sizes from one-person units to large attendant-capable cubicles. Fully inflated and operable via connection to an outside water supply in less than two minutes. Universally compatible waste outlet couplings, low flow rates, and an isolation valve included. Available through FSI North America. (440) 891-1523.

3M Specialty Materials introduces 3M™ LIGHT WATER™ WILDLAND/URBAN INTERFACE FIREFIGHTING FOAM FT-1150, a synthetic foam concentrate for use in heavily wooded, difficult-to-protect locations. Provides wetting, foaming, and adhesion to tree crowns and shrubs, including deep penetration into crown, surface, and ground fuels, cutting water usage. Compatible with fresh, sea, or brackish water; low in toxicity; and has 10-year shelf life when stored in its original or in an approved container. (800) 632-2304.

Raytheon Commercial Infrared (RCI) introduces the PALMIR 225 THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA, a one-button, point- and-shoot camera that weighs just over two pounds (without battery). Equipped with a standard 37-mm lens with focus range of five feet to infinity, making it possible to detect a person as far away as 1,200 feet in total darkness. Battery operating time of more than three hours. Available in NTSC or PAL video formats. (800) 990-3275.

The International 4000 SERIES HIGH PERFORMANCE TRUCKS™ for the fire service feature wheel axles that cut at a 50-degree angle, sloped hoods, swept-back angles, and curved windshields for better visibility. Low offset steps, wide door openings, and grab handles permit quick entry and egress. Engine has matching transmission shift points and power curves and multiplexed electrical systems have self-protected intelligent nodules. (630) 753-3799.

The EMERGENCY SERVICE CLOTHING CATALOG from Flight Suits is a color 47-page catalog that displays flight suits, EMS/ am-bulance uniforms, police tactical clothing, boots, and uniform jackets. Additional items include leather jackets, goggles, helicopter helmets and accessories, and related communications equipment. (800) 748-6693.

The RESCUE/SAFETY ROPE CATALOG from Sterling Rope Co., Inc. is a color catalog that includes Super-Static™, HTP™ Static, WaterLine™, personal escape, and RIT rope. Throw and rescue bags, webbing and cord, and carbiners are also included. Rope construction and specifications are included. (800) 788-ROPE.

The Hannay ECR1600 POWER REWIND CABLE REEL provides a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly for continuous current during cable payout and rewind. Features 45-amp, three-conductor, 600-volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring from collector ring to junction box. Standard collector assembly has copper graphite brushes with copper alloy rings for each circuit. (877) GO-REELS.

This 34-page PRODUCT CATALOG from Federal Signal Corporation (FRC) displays fire/EMS emergency warning products including sirens, lightbars, directional lights, speakers and audible equipment, and accessories. (800) 264-3578.

The SCREAMER SINGLE GAS MONITOR from Thermo Gas Tech has a 100-dB buzzer to alert users of unsafe conditions. It’s impervious to RF/EMI interference and available for ammonia, chlorine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, phosphine, or sulfur dioxide. Operates for more than one year on one nine-volt battery. (510) 745-8700.

The Bullard TIx THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA has electronics that provide enhanced image clarity and picture definition, which increases the user’s ability to distinguish objects and details. It’s designed with a picture that improves as the heat rises. Made in the U.S.A. (800) 827-0423.

Draeger’s new POSITEST3 determines proper SCBA operation using dynamic tests and functional checks that quantitatively determine if SCBA meets NIOSH and NFPA requirements. Tester attaches fully assembled SCBA to test head; PosiTest3 performs QuickTest, evaluating SCBA in less than two minutes. Consumes less than one percent of air supply. (412) 787-8383.

Safe Passage Systems Corporation’s SEGURA SYSTEM expedites compliance with NFPA 70, which requires frequent testing of all building emergency lighting systems. Wireless transmitters at every emergency lighting point confirm ingress/egress lighting systems work and relays information to a receiver that alerts client and facility manager of any problems. Manager can perform compliance tests, generate reports, and allow inspectors to check compliance remotely through Internet portal. Report identifies the component that failed and its location. (877) 70-SAFETY.

The RAPID INTERVENTION TEAMS VIDEO from Emergency Film Group addresses the training needs of emergency responders who serve on RITs. Outlines skills, knowledge, and equipment necessary; explains RIT officer duties; and the importance of size-up and readiness. Includes 40-page Leader’s Guide. (800) 842-0999.

The TK272G/372G RADIOS from Kenwood Communications come with a Kenwood charger, high-capacity 1,100-mAh NiCad battery and a metal spring belt clip. The handheld UHF/VHF, two-way radios have 32-channel memory, priority scan, and integrated QT and DQT signaling. They meet MIL-STD C, D, and E for shock, vibration, humidity, and rain. (678) 474-4700.

Metal halide lights are available with all 11-foot and 15-foot NIGHTSCANS and Nightscan vertical towers from Will-Burt. The lighting performance of metal halide and instant “on” capability of quartz halogen are combined. Includes handheld hardwired, pistol-grip remote, full rotation and tilt, and one-button AutoStow™ feature. (330) 682-7015.

Snap-Tite Hose Inc.’s PISTON INTAKE RELIEF VALVE features a new polymer piston that eliminates cavitation and corrosion build-up problems. Polymer piston allows piston, spindle, and area between piston and the cylinder wall to remain corrosion-free. Zinc anode helps protect body from corrosion. (800) 447-HOSE.

The Fire-Trax new PALM-BASED PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM uses PDF417 high-capacity bar codes to determine who is at site, where they are from, what their qualifications are, and when they logged-in/out. Operator can identify personnel or equipment with a given qualification or capability. System can be used for training, equipment tracking, and for basic palm functions (e.g., departmental roster, address book, To Do list). Available as a stand-alone or can function on a radio frequency network. (231) 932-4397.

The SMOKE EATER™ EMERGENCY ESCAPE CANISTER from Survivair provides firefighters with an air-filtration source in times of emergency escape in a smoke- and fire-filled environment. The monolith filter inside the canister contains precious metal catalysts that reduce the inhalation of carbon monoxide, acid gases, organic vapors and particulates. Using the same nonindexed AirKlic™ attachment system used in Survivair’s SCBAs, the Smoke Eater is secured tightly to the front of the facepiece. (714) 545-0410.

ITECH’s newly designed WEB SITE at includes the Product WizardTM. Visitors answer two questions about their batteries and the Product Wizard recommends the right battery charge and maintenance products. The customer can also register the product warranty online after choosing a distributor and purchasing the ideal product. iTECH battery adapters, available for more than 600 batteries, can be downloaded in spreadsheet. (800) 233-6868, ext. 2100.

Tiscor customers can now collect, manage, and transmit data anytime, anywhere with the Palm Pilot SPT 1733. The complete line of Tiscor FIRE & SAFETY SOFTWARE is now compatible with the device, allowing users to access and transmit inspection-related information over a wireless wide area network. Mobile workers performing fire and safety inspections at buildings and other facilities can now access Tiscor software from anywhere. (800) 227-6379.