Product Showcase


The newest advancement in Gore‘s two-layer technology, CROSSTECH® BLACK MOISTURE BARRIER, provides field-tested, improved durability. Additionally, its excellent breathability did not decrease after heat exposures that can be encountered at the fire scene. Specify the reliable choice that is backed by a 3½-year limited warranty—CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier. (800) 431-GORE (4673).

Ziamatic (Zico)

Ziamatic (Zico) introduces the MULTIVERSAL EXTRICATION TOOL HOLDER, MODEL QM-ET-MV. The heavy-duty aluminum bracket accommodates many popular makes and models of extrication tool securely upright in the compartment. Fully adjustable, slide the various components to secure your cutter, spreader, or combination tool, then adjust the tilt angle to fit your compartment needs. Replacing old tools? Simply readjust the bracket! You’ll never have to pay for expensive custom holders again. (800) 711-FIRE.


CET Fire Pumps’ ATTACK PACK SKID UNIT combines a tank, a live hosereel and/or crosslay, a portable fire pump and/or a compressed air foam system, and an engine into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a truck bed, a trailer, or into a body and used for flowing water and/or foam on a structural fire, car fire, or wildfire. Sizes vary from 50 gallons for an ATV and up to 500 gallons for full size trucks. Accept only the best! (800) 567-2719.

Danko Emergency Equipment

Danko Emergency Equipment showcases its DANKO WILDLAND ATTACK FLATBED. This unit answers the call for remote location fire suppression. The Danko Wildland Attack features Super Single Wheels for maneuverability in extreme conditions. The bed has two standing platforms with one-inch grass lines backed with a Waterous pump and a 300-gallon UPF water tank. The unit has many options like foam and compartment configurations. (866) 568-2200.


Combining the compact, sleek Eclipse® design with powerful performance on a large-sized display, the Bullard ECLIPSE LD is “The Next Big Thing” in thermal imaging. Plus, Bullard’s redesigned leather fronts offer a bold, new versatile look for contemporary and traditional style fire helmets. Visit for Bullard’s complete line of fire service products. (877) BULLARD.

Columbia Southern University (CSU)

Columbia Southern University (CSU), one of the nation’s top online universities, wants to help you advance your career with an ASSOCIATE’S or BACHELOR’S DEGREE in fire science administration. CSU also offers degrees in occupational safety and health, environmental management, human resources, organizational leadership, and more. Why CSU? Because it offers affordable tuition; flexible and structured enrollment options; textbooks provided through CSU book grants; complimentary tutoring services; and no ACT, SAT, GRE, or GMAT is required. Apply Today at No Cost!


The BLITZFORCE is one of Task Force Tips‘ innovative, lightweight, and highly versatile portable attack monitors. Rated up to 500 gpm, BlitzForce integrates a low-loss waterway with positive locking valve control and a corrosion preventing anodized and powder coat finish. An exclusive high-strength tie-down strap and carbide tipped folding legs offer extreme stability in varying fire environments. (800) 348-2686.


Fit Matters! Firefighters come in a remarkable range of shapes and sizes. When your gear really fits your body, it’s more comfortable and enables you to perform your job without extra bulk or restriction. That’s why Globe’s G-XTREME® 2012 TURNOUT GEAR provides a whole new dimension in fit: SHAPE. For the world’s best—and best-fitting—turnout gear, visit (800) 232-8323.

C.E. Niehoff

C.E. Niehoff introduces the new 14-volt 360 AMP PAD MOUNT ALTERNATOR C527. The new C527 pad mount brushless alternator produces 170 amps at 200°F at idle speeds, the highest power rating for an alternator to fit in the standard pad mount envelope. This unit is self-energizing and has remote battery voltage and temperature compensation capabilities. The C527 also is equipped with the latest bearing technology to ensure years of service. This unit was designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. (800) NIE-HOFF.


FoamPro‘s newly designed 1600 SERIES, MODELS 1600 and 1601, are now capable of quickly pulling concentrate three feet, allowing for increased mounting and installation flexibility. Specifically designed for Class A foam operations, this compact system is ideal for use on brush rigs/skid units, fast attack wildland vehicles, municipal apparatus, and compressed air foam systems. (800) 533-9511.


The new collapsible RollNRack GO-PACK transports and loads all of your hose. Load hose with just two firefighters onto stationary rigs—every time! Save money with the Efficiency Package which includes the GO-Pack. The RollNRack Hose Management System is smart, safe, and efficient. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. (262) 363-2030.


Strathcona County (Alberta, Canada) has taken delivery of a new custom SVI TRUCKS’ HEAVY RESCUE, complete with insulated and heated compartments, roof and fender tie-off points, an industrial air compressor, custom tool mounting, and SCBA bottle storage. It also came complete with a heated “rescue-style” front bumper, a rear stairway with a large integrated compartment, and rooftop storage. (888) SVI-1112.


The Blue Card COMMAND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is a state-of-the-art training and certification system that teaches Company and Command officers how to standardize local incident operations across their organization. The program uses a combination of online and in-class simulation training based entirely on Chief Alan Brunacini’s Fire Command and Command Safety textbooks, which have been used globally in the fire service for more than 30 years. Finally, a solution to local hazard zone operations! (855) 872-5822.


Firefighters who wear Globe’s STRUCTURAL SUPREME BOOTS tell us they’re “lightweight, comfortable. They honestly do wear like a sneaker.” Made in the USA of Firestorm™ heavyweight, flame-resistant, waterproof leather for durability with specially softened tumbled leather in high flex areas to move with you. NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting) and NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash) compliant. (800) 232-8323


Once again, Paratech sets a new standard with our new ABSOLUTE RAKER. No wood. No pins. No chains. No hassle. Our new Absolute Raker provides flexibility, functionality, and economy. Never worry about wood again. Fully deployable in minutes, and the equipment is expandable for vehicle stabilization and trench rescue. Paratech manufactures strong, innovative fire and rescue equipment with a smart design that can lift, shift, contain, stabilize, and penetrate. (800) 435-9358.


Coming this summer, HAIX® will be venturing forth with an all new product line combining HAIX® innovative know how with advanced running shoe technology. The all new innovative line will be called the BLACK EAGLE® SERIES, and its first entry is the Black Eagle® Athletic 10 Low (pictured). The Athletic 10 Low is lightweight, extremely slip resistant, highly breathable but also durably waterproof. Designed to meet your needs on and off duty. Available July 2012. (866) 344-HAIX (4249).


The Ultimate in Safe and Convenient Filling Stations. Mako‘s enclosed steel chamber FILL STATIONS offer proven protection with ergonomic design features that reduce operator fatigue. With the customer in mind, Mako offers packages in single, double, and triple SCUBA mobile containment fill stations. For the customer filling SCUBA cylinders, Mako supplies mobile fill stations capable of handling cylinders up to 120 cf. Mako—60 years of “having your back.” (888) 909-2942.


Each BullEx FIRE SAFETY TRAILER features the most advanced fire prevention tools available in any mobile safety unit. Customizable to your department’s needs, a BullEx fire safety trailer can be configured with various realistic, interactive training components using any of our SmartProps or other components set in various realistic scenarios including a kitchen, a child’s bedroom, a classroom, or industrial room. (8880 428-5539.

American Military University (AMU)

American Military University (AMU) is a leading provider of quality ONLINE EDUCATION. AMU offers more than 170 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs for fire and EMS professionals who are looking to take the next step in their careers. Students are given the opportunity to study the principles, theories, and best practices in fire science management, fire safety, leadership, and more. (877) 777-9081.


Globe’s WASP (WEARABLE ADVANCED SENSOR PLATFORM) is innovation designed to improve emergency responders’ health and safety. This revolutionary integrated body-worn electronics system provides real-time data on physiological monitoring and location/tracking through a common graphical user interface. WASP will be a critical element of the turnout gear of the future—and it will be available late next year. (800) 232-8323.


Kussmaul’s BATTERY SAVER® LOW RIPPLE HO, MODEL 091-195-12, is a power supply with a load transfer relay. Inputs are the +12 volts from the vehicle’s battery and 120 volts AC shore power. An MDT or computer may be connected to the output terminal. When shore power is applies a well-regulated switching power supply converts the 120 VAC to +12 VDC and a relay transfers the load from the battery to the power supply. This “Battery Saver” provides low ripple DC power to ensure no interference while powering sensitive electronic equipment. (800) 346-0857.


MSA’s CAIRNS® DEFENDER® VISOR is retractable eyewear that stays securely stored inside your helmet until you need eye protection from dust, dirt and grit. Sleek and attractive construction allows fast, easy raising and lowering of the visor, even with gloved hands. The original integrated visor, with tens of thousands of fielded helmets. What’s more, the Defender Visor meets primary eye protection requirements as defined by NFPA 1500. When it comes to eye protection, nobody shields you better than MSA. Compliance made easy. (800) MSA-2222.

CR 137

Reaching more than 13 stories high, E-ONE‘s new CR 137 is North America’s tallest aerial ladder. The CR 137 features narrow criss-cross under-slung stabilizers and a speedy set up—less than 45 seconds. The welded extruded aluminum ladder combined with advanced engineering provides a 2.5:1 structural safety factor, exceeding NFPA requirements. For maximum reach, strength, stability, and safety, make sure your crew is riding in the new E-ONE CR 137. (352) 237-1122.


Sigtronics Corporation’s NOISE ATTENUATING HEADSETS AND PORTABLE RADIO ADAPTERS. Improve communication and have excellent hearing protection with our American-made headsets and adapters. We manufacture headsets for use with or without a helmet in single- or dual-ear cup styles. Headsets are available with flex or full swivel microphone booms in a wide selection of standard production configurations. Use one of our portable radio adapters with a Sigtronics headset for complete mobility outside the vehicle. (909) 305-9399.


Introducing the UPF POLY-TANK® III with three new advancements: Color-Coded Fill Towers to identify water (blue) and foam towers (yellow and green); PolyProSeal™ technology, which uses a sealant to prevent leaks between the welded plastic sheets; and Tanknology™ Tag with tank information and a unique QR code that can be scanned to register your tank, access additional tank data, and access additional UPF information. (800) 638-8265.


Holmatro‘s newest innovation, CORE TECHNOLOGY™, is a revolutionary fluid path and connection technology designed to make hydraulic rescue tool connection, deployment, and use faster; easier; and safer. Patented technology allows the user to connect and disconnect the tools under flow (“hot-swappable”), saving valuable time. The unique coaxial hose design now places the high-pressure line inside the return line, shielding it from physical damage inherent on the rescue scene. Core Technology™ is the next major step forward in rescue tool design. (800) 654-0203.


Bauer’s LEGACY PROGRAM offers you quality capabilities at a much reduced price, combining either a 13- or 18-cfm charge rate aircooled compressors into a simple cabinet such as the Vertecon (pictured). Automatic condensate drain and Securus Moisture Monitoring equipped BAUER Purification System round out these high-end packages at a consumer conscious price? Whether looking for a new compressor or a system upgrade, look to BAUER, your solution provider. Contact us today!

US Digital Designs' PHOENIX G2 ATX

US Digital Designs’ PHOENIX G2 ATX offers industry leading features and proven capability for a station alerting system of its size and price. System features include zone alerting, IP-based dispatching, and network remote configuration. G2 ATX has built-in support for two-tone, DTMF, single-tone, or pager alerting. The G2 ATX supports VoiceAlert, an optional text-to-speech module that assists public safety dispatchers during emergency calls. The Phoenix G2 ATX includes an industrial, 12-inch touch-screen interface, and includes eight network expansion ports for use with Phoenix G2 peripheral network remotes. (877) 551-USDD (8733).


Friction Force’s FORCIBLE ENTRY SIMULATOR makes it easier for forcible entry instructors to train. Once limited to classroom discussion, they can now teach hands-on techniques with a reusable forcing prop. (888) 325-3074.


Sparky the Fire Dog is the best-known mascot figure for fire prevention today. A trademark character of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Sparky is at the center of the NFPA’s Risk Watch and Learn Not to Burn programs, two of the most comprehensive safety programs in use in America. The Robotronics ANIMATED SPARKY COSTUME is an especially exciting tool for teaching fire and safety awareness because it is so interactive. Audiences will be delighted when Sparky’s eyes wink and blink (a random blink feature is programmed into the costume), his mouth moves, and he speaks with preprogrammed fire safety messages through an optional mp3 player or the wearer’s voice through a Wearer Amplified Voice Equipment system included with each costume. (800) 762-6876.


Where tradition and dependability meet aesthetics and innovation. Alco-Lite introduces its all new SURESTEP access ladder. The design encompasses a self-retracting system to provide fast, effortless access to the top of the rescue truck—combined with years of quality and durability, why pay more for less? When the community is counting on you, you can rely on SURESTEP. (800) 752-2526.


David Clark Company introduces a new line of WIRELESS COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS that offer greater freedom, safety, and awareness as well as clear communication for firefighters and rescue personnel. Personnel can move about without being tethered to vehicles, apparatus, or vessels. Components include headsets in a variety of styles, wireless belt stations and gateways—all designed to stand up to the harshest environments. Wireless systems are compatible with David Clark Series 3800 wired systems and with most HF, VHF, and UHF radios. (800) 298-6235.

Scott Safety 5.5 CYLINDERS

Responding to the need for a smaller, lighter SCBA, Scott Safety created the new 5.5 CYLINDERS. By increasing the pressure in the cylinder to 5500 psig, Scott Safety was able to maintain the traditional form, durability and capacity of standard cylinders while providing more than a 10-percent reduction in weight and reduced profile. (800) 247-7257.


MES is Duracell’s distributor for Fire and EMS. Get your DURACELL BATTERIES at the best prices. Call (877) MES-Fire to speak with a sales rep near you or visit our Web site to order online. Free shipping on web orders over $50!


Brush firefighting tools usually have pole-type handles and long tines on the business end. Often, firefighters have to quickly change from one tool to another. The PAC STOW-N-LOK, available in two heights, features fast, strong-friction, clamp action. A yellow locking strap is furnished to provide additional storage security when needed. The PAC Stow-n-Lok brackets are designed for off-road firefighting—the toughest firefighting job there is. (888) 514-0083.

Waldorf College

Enhance your fire service career with a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree in fire science administration with Waldorf College! Waldorf offers ONLINE DEGREES that embrace the spirit of the residential campus. Students can also choose regionally accredited bachelor’s degrees in business administration, criminal justice, psychology, and organizational leadership. Some residency required. Apply today at no cost! (877) 267-2157.


The new Knox ELEVATOR KEY BOX is a UL 1037 (physical attack)-listed high-security box designed specifically for the elevator lobby. The elevator box has room for up to 30 keys and two elevator door access tools and offers superior resistance to physical attack than the average elevator key box. The Elevator Key Box meets the latest IFC code; is keyed to a department’s existing Knox System; comes in four colors, with or without the “Fire Dept Use Only” banner; and comes in two sizes. (800) 552-5669.

Hydraulics International Inc. (HII)

Hydraulics International Inc. (HII) offers more than 36 years of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of 6,000-psi air- and electric-driven breathing air systems (pictured) and 4,500-psi oxygen systems, hydrostatic liquid pumps, high-pressure components and valves, and turbine flow meters. We offer standard products and custom configurations. We separate ourselves from other manufacturers by offering the ability to design a specific need into a standard product in an integrated package. HII manufactures every major component at our Chatsworth, California, facility with a large inventory of PUMPS, BOOSTERS, and SPARE PARTS for immediate delivery. (818) 407-3400.


Excessive heat, gear, and equipment can cause a firefighter’s core body temperature to reach 104ºF and higher! Under such intense conditions, effective rehab is a must. Cool Draft’s portable 360 SERIES MISTING FANS have been proven to gradually and safely reduce the effects of heat stress and exhaustion. (877) 676-1140.


Husky®’s FOLDING FRAME TANKS (steel or aluminum) with material options (including our exclusive EXLON®) to fit your needs. Our exclusive, patent-pending Easy Lift Handles are installed on all Husky® liners (standard) making Husky®’s Portable Frame Tank the easiest and quickest to fold and permits easy removal of any standing water. Husky®’s Folding Frames are also “Pinch Free Frames” with safety in mind for the firefighters. We stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty on all welds and welded seams. (800) 260-9950.


The superior properties of the advanced Kevlar® composite material used for Rescue 42’s TELECRIB® STABILIZATION SYSTEM makes them four times stronger than steel and nearly impervious to all types of environmental and chemical corrosion. Lightweight, easy to use, and trusted by thousands of departments across the United States and Canada. As a bonus, trade in your old steel struts and receive a credit of up to $2,000 toward the purchase of a TeleCrib® composite system. Many strut brands accepted! (888) 427-3728.


Kochek Company is introducing a new MICRALOX® COATING for its line of firefighting connectors. Exclusive to Kochek for the firefighting industry, Micralox is a patented micro-crystalline anodizing process that produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface. Micralox provides superior chemical corrosion and high abrasion resistance. Ideal for use in harsh environments like coastal areas and marine applications where salt corrosion is a concern or industrial plants, Kochek’s Micralox extends the life of aluminum parts up to 10 times compared to conventional aluminum anodic coatings. (800) 420-4673.


Grace IN-COMMAND has answered the call in its latest software version. Whether you have a new or existing system, In-Command has been updated with new color-coded icons, making incident command, NIMS accountability, mutual aid, and work team grouping faster to manage up to 25,000 people, allowing departments to coordinate mutual aid with surrounding departments. MS Windows 7 and Windows XP compatible. (800) 969-6933.


The Pierce® DASH® CF FIRE APPARATUS features an innovative tilting cab-forward design that repositions the engine rearward and down low between the frame rails, with an open interior configuration that helps firefighters better prepare for the unexpected situations they face when arriving on scene. The Dash CF is available as a medium block PUC pumper, a big block PUC pumper (featuring the Pierce exclusive Detroit DD13 500-hp engine), a heavy-duty rescue, and a 105-foot PUC aerial ladder. (920) 832-3000.


Tactron’s COMMAND CENTER is a Unified Command tool that is ICS based and NIMS compliant. Color-coded engraved magnets are used to track your resources and personnel within the operational areas using multiple branch management schematics as well as an area for organizing and assigning support functions. The magnetic panels are writable as well, using a permanent marker, grease pencil, or dry erase pen, and are also customizable. All products are proudly made in the USA. (800) 424-8228.


At the heart of the E380 is ISG’s new SIGMA engine technology, which drives all of the sensor’s 110,592 pixels to achieve crystal clear image quality in the harshest firefighting environments. Coupled with ISG’s Intelligent Focus, just point the center cross hairs over the object of interest and watch the E380 enhance that object’s clarity atomically. Let us make it perfectly clear at (877) 733-3473.


Dodgen Mobile Technologies is committed to producing the best REHAB AND COMMUNICATIONS VEHICLES. We build the safest, best engineered, best built, and easiest driving specialty vehicles available in America. Because we complete the entire construction process under one roof—from start to finish—our vehicles are the pinnacle of quality. We construct vehicles that can be relied on. Choose the best when you plan for the worst—choose Dodgen Mobile Technologies. (800) 247-1835.


With Swissphone’s FIREFIGHTER RESPONSE SYSTEM, you will know who’s responding—in real time. After receiving an alert, firefighters simply press one button on any phone, and the information will be immediately available in the dispatch center, on any personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone that is logged into the application. This way you won’t wait for members who are not responding and can request additional resources. You can also set up the system so members can call in ahead and let the system know if they would be available should an incident be dispatched. (800) 596-1914.


Idaho Technology’s RAZOR™ EX BIOTHREAT DETECTION SYSTEM is a hand-carry instrument designed specifically for field use that provides the most sensitive and reliable detection and identification of white powder threats using cutting-edge PCR technology. The battery-operated instrument weighs 11 pounds, operates with freeze-dried reagents, and requires minimal sample preparation, which means that it can be used anywhere by hazmat, firefighters, police, and other first responders. Reliable positive/negative results for 10 pathogens are available in just 30 minutes. (801) 736-6354.

Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)

Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a member of the Texas A&M University system, trains emergency response personnel from more than 30 countries each year. Each course can be tailored to meet your exact needs in a variety of areas: Industrial/structural firefighting; marine firefighting and spill response; hazardous materials response; weapons of mass destruction response; emergency medical services; search and rescue; incident management; aircraft rescue and firefighting; incident command; and LNG. (866) 878-8900.

TenCate's GEMINI™ XT

Excellent performance and protection. The #1-selling PBI Matrix outer shell fabric just got better. TenCate’s GEMINI™ XT combines the proven performance of PBI® with the advanced engineering expertise of TenCate. Gemini™ XT features excellent thermal protection and a patented high-tech grid of composite filament and spun yarns that provides strength, reduces abrasion, and eliminates puckering. TenCate high-performance fabrics provide protection, comfort, durability, and excellent value.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders LCX BOOTS AND CAPS

Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ protective LCX BOOTS AND CAPS for full-wrap carbon composite SCBA cylinders provide added protection against impact and abrasion damage of cylinder domes that can lead to costly repairs and, at times, cylinder condemnation. Made from a flame-retardant polymer, LCX Boots and Caps meet all NIOSH and NFPA requirements and can be easily removed at the time of hydrostatic retest and visual cylinder inspections. (800) 764-0366.


Harrington’s FLEX-LITE SUCTION HOSE is very flexible—featuring one of the tightest bend radius in the industry, is lightweight at only 3.1 pounds per foot for six-inch hose, and features hose and couplings “Made in America,” extra UV protections to ensure long service life; all-“metal” collars with a no-crack, no-slip attachment design; and beveled edges on collars for easy loading/unloading from hose chutes. Available from stock in 1½-, two-, 2½-, three-, four-, five-, and six-inch styles. It also comes in special sizes, which are available to meet your customers’ requirements. (800) 553-0078.

Rosenbauer COMMANDER

The all-new Rosenbauer COMMANDER chassis is here! The chassis is constructed from heavy-duty, 3⁄16-inch aluminum with heavy-duty aluminum extrusion framing and is complete with full-length, barrier-style doors. The chassis went through a rigorous testing phase that included a frontal impact, air bag deployment, HVAC, side impact, and 120,000-pound crush and 100,000-mile track tests. The Commander passed all tests with flying colors and is fully NFPA compliant. Among the many amenities the Commander boasts are the single-bonded windshield, providing greater visibility, and wider hip room for passenger and driver. (605) 543-5591.


KME’s new ENGINE RESCUE combines full engine and heavy rescue capability into one compact apparatus. It features increased storage capacity with 29-inch deep compartments that yield 496 cubic feet of storage; easy access with ladders that are stored in a fully enclosed storage compartment at frame rail height; safe hosebed access with a hosebed only 47 inches above the rear step and holding 1,000 feet of five-inch supply line; and full pumper and rescue capability featuring full height/full depth compartments bringing heavy rescue storage capability and a 1,500-gpm pump, 975 gallons of water, and 25 gallons of foam. (800) 235-3928.


Conterra Inc. offers a complete line of innovative equipment for rescue medical and tactical work, all made in USA, with lifetime guarantees. Conterra’s TECHSAR® RIGGING PACK protects and organizes your rope rescue gear in a beautifully built system that can be configured by the end user for maximum efficiency. Check out the complete line including the Techsar® pack and SCARAB® rescue tool at (360) 734-2311.

Hurst Jaws of Life® EDRAULIC™

Hurst Jaws of Life® is proud to introduce the EDRAULIC™ evolution, featuring HYDRAULIC power UNLEASHED. These new self-contained tools have the power of standard hydraulic rescue tools but are operated by battery and are also able to be plugged in to any 110V-60 Hz standard electrical outlet for limitless operation. (800) 537-2659.

American Trade Mark Co.'s RIT BOARD

American Trade Mark Co.’s RIT BOARD allows the RIT team leader to track tactics and handle accountability for the RIT team. The front side is used during size-up and staging and the back is used when the Team is put to work. The dry erase worksheets provide the team reminders as well as help track the team if they are put to work. The board includes rings for accountability tags, a stopwatch clock, and a neck strap as well as dry erase markers and grease pencils. (800) 964-0748.

Spartan's TELSTAR

Spartan’s TELSTAR offers market-changing features including a 138-foot telescopic and articulated aerial platform and all-call compartmentation. TelStar provides an “up, over, and down” range of motion to navigate over parapets for roof rescues, clear power lines, and trees for access and provide for below-grade recues. Features include an automatic aerial stow, collision avoidance, and platform weight measurement and automatic truck leveling on grades up to 7°. (605) 582-4000.


The new EXTENDO BED gives easy access in emergency vehicles. It is ideal for command centers, carrying emergency equipment, or both. It can accommodate an 800- to 1,800-pound capacity at more than 100-percent extension of the cargo bed with lock positions every 12 inches and easy one-hand operation. Multiple applications are available for all types of emergency response applications. (800) 752-0706.

Firecom wireless headset

Firecom introduces the first wireless headset for the fire and rescue industry, including the new UHW-10 model (pictured). It connects first responders to the in-cab intercom system, at the pump panel, or within 90 feet of the base station. The headset is ideal for command vehicles, on-scene first responders, and ambulance attendants. Firecom’s wireless communication system can handle a large number of headsets in the same vicinity. The wireless headsets and base stations incorporate antenna spatial diversity for a robust RF link and guarantee a 300-foot open field range and a 90-foot minimum range for emergency vehicles. (800) 527-0555.


Stedfast introduces the long-awaited STEDAIR GOLD, the new standard in moisture barrier technology. Engineered with America’s leading manufacturers (Stedfast, Inc.; DuPont Nomex; GE; and PBI Performance Products, Inc.), Stedair GOLD provides ultimate protection for the fire service. With an average TPP of 42-45 and THL of 250-260 (tested in composites with PBI Max and Glide), StedAir GOLD leads the industry. We offer a comprehensive four-year warranty that is second to none, making Stedfast, Inc. the warranty leader. (888) 673-8441.


ACS FIREHOUSE SOFTWARE is there for you every day to assist you manage the information you need to make critical decisions. With our large base of active clients, the fire and EMS agency experience of our employees, and our professional development staff, we feel that we offer the best Fire and EMS information management software in the industry. Experience FIREHOUSE Software and you’ll experience software, support, and services unmatched in the industry. (800) 921-5100.

On Scene Solutions' TALON HELMET MOUNT

On Scene Solutions’ TALON HELMET MOUNT allows departments not yet in compliance with NFPA 1901 to get up to date. With multiple adjustments points, the patent pending Talon can be configured to fit nearly any helmet with a brim and allows a positive grip to eliminate the worry of becoming dislodged in an accident. An optional add-on accessory allows the mounting of European style helmets as well. The Talon is manufactured of anodized aluminum and stainless-steel and features a limited lifetime warranty. (877) 567-4712.

ESS Eye Safety Systems' ESS 5B™

ESS Eye Safety Systems’ ESS 5B™ is far more than just another sunglass.With ballistic high-impact lenses, universal-fit frames, distortion-free optics, and all-day comfort, the 5B™ is the true embodiment of functional eye pro. Designed to provide superior impact protection, the 5B™ represents the culmination of years of intense listening to customer feedback. The end result is a sunglass you’ll trust just as much on duty as off. High-impact 5B™ lenses are available in a variety of ANSI-compliant tints including polarized and mirrored. (877) 726-4072.

Champion Rescue Tools RS-11 MONSTER MINI SPREADER

Champion Rescue Tools’ new RS-11 MONSTER MINI SPREADER is truly a monster in a lightweight package. With more than twice the power of its predecessor, the Monster Mini operates with extraordinary speed and agility, allowing quick access to patients. This spreader will handle all but the heavy-duty spread jobs, and is an excellent tool for Technical Rescue (USAR) and forcible entry. The Monster Mini’s lightweight and slim profile makes it easy to use without punishing the rescuer. It is available in 5,000- and 10,500-psi platforms. All of Champion’s rescue tools come with a limited lifetime warranty. (888) 396-2426.


Honeywell’s new PRO SERIES 5007 STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING BOOT—technology and comfort optimized in a new hard-working, sleek-looking, performance-driven boot. Engineered for comfort, safety, and control, the full-height PRO Series Model 5007 is simply unrivaled in stability and durability. The PRO Series 5007: made to keep on going, supporting, and protecting. (800) 688-6148.


Fire Engineering Books and Videos’ VOLUNTEER TRAINING OFFICER’S HANDBOOK by W. Edward Buchanan Jr. provides the volunteer training officer with everything needed to develop and implement a successful program while promoting quality and discipline in volunteer firefighters. Presents alternative delivery options that allow volunteers to achieve their training goals while meeting their responsibilities at home. Covers topics such as fire service training philosophies, organizational needs, recruiting, discipline, scheduling, marketing, drills, and graduation. Includes CD-ROM with appendices, instructor materials, presentation material in PowerPoint®, and student material. (800) 745-3911. E-Mail:


PRIDE & OWNERSHIP: A FIREFIGHTER’S LOVE OF THE JOB by Rick Lasky, from Pennwell Books & Videos, is a guide for the seasoned veteran, the new firefighter, and anyone in between, bringing them together for what it all takes to have that love for the job. Chapters address the necessary steps in the leadership chain for a fire service professional to succeed and include Our Mission; The Firefighter; The Company Officer; The Chief; Our Two Families; Sweating the Small Stuff; Changing Shirts—The Promotion; What September 11th Did for Us—The Good and the Bad; Ceremonies; Marketing Your Fire Department; Making It All Happen—Embracing Success; and Have You Forgotten? (800) 752-9764.


PBI BASEGUARD combines unmatched protection from heat and flash fire with unrivaled comfort and durability. Lighter, softer, and more flexible, PBI BaseGuard garments are cooler, drier, and absorb perspiration faster than traditional knit fabrics. The high moisture regain of PBI BaseGuard wicks sweat from the body faster—minimizing the risk of heat stress related injuries. And with the infusion of Microban® technology, provides the best defense against odor causing bacteria. (800) 858-2467.

Fire Engineering Books & Videos' FIREGROUND STRATEGIES

Fire Engineering Books & Videos’ FIREGROUND STRATEGIES by Anthony Avillo addresses many fire situations and explains the relevant tactics for each situation. Designed for the fire officer who must identify a strategy, develop an action plan, and implement tactics. Covers size-up, prefire planning, incident communications, building construction, strategic modes of operation, operational safety, and more. Incidents involving specific occupancy types are addressed. www. (800) 745-3911. E-mail:


A fire department that isn’t moving forward is dying or in danger of dying. In this second edition of Fire Engineering Books & Videos’ FIRE DEPARTMENT STRATEGIC PLANNING: CREATING FUTURE EXCELLENCE, author Mark Wallace notes that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Knowing where you’re going, the environment in which you must operate, and identifying how to get there offer you the best chance of achieving your goals; this is the foundation of strategic planning. Fire chiefs must move from typical operational thinking to strategic thinking and manage their organizations strategically. (800) 752-9764.

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