Antari’s FT-SERIES SMOKE MACHINE, built with a rugged construction and easy-to-use interface, is specifically designed for fire training purposes. A 1,500W heater block generates high-volume, thick fog in a short period of time to simulate dense smoke conditions.

Users can set and control fog output volume and timer settings with ease, even when wearing heavy-duty gloves. A wireless remote controller is included. (323) 582-3322.

Torrey Pines Logic, Inc.’s T15 THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA can be used in variety of search and rescue operations, firefighting, law enforcement, and military detection as well as other commercial applications. Both models available are 9Hz units. The T15-C is slightly smaller and lighter than the T15, which comes with a rail mount.

The range and field-of-view for the T15 is from 18.7° to 7° with a maximum human detection range of 162m @ 3x – 436m @ 8x. For law enforcement, fire fighting, search and rescue and military, the wide angle and extended range augment agency capabilities conducting challenging search operations. (858) 755-4549.

Honeywell’s LIFE GUARD HOOD features an innovative design and fabrics that provide better blocking protection against hazardous particulates and toxins compared with traditional firefighter hoods. It also features a lighter, roomier fit that integrates with a firefighter’s self-contained breathing apparatus and other turnout gear.

The hood was developed by Honeywell First Responder, whose products range from helmets to boots to respiratory gear and are used by 80 percent of the 20 largest municipal fire departments in North America. The particulate-blocking protection of the Honeywell Life Guard Hood is laboratory-proven and certified by the National Fire Protection Association. (877) 841-2840.

HalenHardy’s SPILLBOA™ SORBENT BARRIER contains spills quickly to keep them from spreading. The patent-pending SpillBoa™ sorbent barrier is a five- × 25-foot “flat boom” that coils up into a compact 16-inch diameter with a weight of just four pounds.

Its flat profile allows more surface contact, which helps each SpillBoa barrier absorb oils/fuels 300- to 500-percent faster than traditional “overstuffed” booms and socks. Plus, the innovative design holds back many more gallons of spilled material until cleanup crews arrive. The SpillBoa barrier also floats on water and holds back oil spills. (814) 571-9779.


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