MN8 Products’ FOXFIRE™ product line features illuminating coating (paint) kits and helmet bands (pictured), which enables firefighters to be visibly located and find tools in zero-light environments while providing illumination to the surrounding area. Foxfire’s technology was developed using a new photoluminescent pigment combined with a specialized epoxy paint product. Equipment and tools painted with Foxfire technology will illuminate surroundings for up to 17 hours when fully charged. Foxfire products can be charged repeatedly by any type of light condition and can withstand high temperatures that are associated with firefighting.

Hurst’s eDRAULIC line of electro-hydraulic tools, which includes the S 700E (pictured) cutter, features the same forces of standard hydraulics in a self-contained rescue tool. These tools are powerful enough to stand alone as a complete rescue set or to be used as a supplement to add portability to any existing rescue tool system. The initial offering in the product line includes a spreader, two cutters, and a ram. (800) 537-2659. 

Cutters Edge’s CE807R ROTARY RESCUE SAW features a more powerful 80.7-cc engine; a four-stage filtration system that has a high-performance K&N filter as the third stage to ensure outstanding performance in all cutting conditions; and a full-wrap, nonslip rubber handle for all-position cutting and safety. Additional features include a self-adjusting blade guard and a choice of Cutters Edge Black Lightning or Black Star Diamond Blade. It is available in a 12-piece, fully equipped Sawing Kit in a protective Diamond Plate aluminum case. (800) 433-3716. 

Assured Automation’s FIREBAG® is a passive device that automatically closes the supply of gas in the event of fire, preventing fire spread which can lead to gas explosions. This thermal-activated shut-off device shuts off gas supply when ambient temperatures reach 212°F. Its fusible alloy melts when the outside temperature reaches 203-212°F, releasing its plug to completely close the flow of gas. It is installed in the gas piping upstream of the gas appliance and does not require any manual manipulation once installed. (800) 899-0553. 

MSA’s new ALTAIR 4 QUICKCHECK STATION performs most bump and function tests in less than one minute, efficiently verifying instrument gas response and alarm functionality. Test station checks instruments’ visual and audible alarms. A checkmark appears on instrument display for 24 hours after the test is passed. Keep costs down with less up-front hardware expense and calibration gas. Offers four levels of accuracy by four tolerance level options.

AliMed Inc.’s Interactive Therapeutics line of CRITICAL COMMUNICATORS is a new way for first responders and medical staff to speak with emergency patients who have difficulty communicating in English. Using line drawings as images of common ailments accompanied by English and non-English phrases, these heavy-duty cards allow communication in the 21 most common languages in the United States, including English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Other features include a pain scale, numbers, letters, days of the week, and other essential information to enable first responders to rapidly assess and render care. (800) 225-2610. 

Plano (TX) Fire Department member John Barrett has launched the Web site to archive critical data about U.S. firefighters’ deaths and the surrounding causes. Barrett is being assisted with technical aspects of the new site by MarketNet, Inc., which has donated strategy, design, and development work to create the Web site. The Web site’s online tools enable firefighters; trainers; government officials; code inspectors and enforcers; builders and property owners; friends and families of firefighters; and the public to query the type, number, and location of line-of-duty fatalities. Its search results report data from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and many official review panels and public agencies. (972) 268-4738. 

Pelican Products, Inc.’s 9430SL REMOTE AREA LIGHTING SYSTEM (RALS) is a spotlight version of the 9430 RALS. The 9430SL features LED array designed with a tightly focused, 10° spotlight that illuminates hundreds of yards. With 24 next-generation LEDs and a dual power mode (with waterproof switch), it beams 2,000 lumens in high and 1,000 lumens in low. Powered by a self-contained, maintenance-free, rechargeable battery, the system offers up to eight hours of peak brightness, with 15 hours of total run-time. The system features a 360° swiveling telescope mast that extends to nearly three feet. (800) 473-5422.

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