Raleigh (NC) Seeking New Firefighters

The City of Raleigh needs almost 30 new firefighters and they are wrapping up a month-long recruiting blitz, reports abc11.com.

The city trains all of its own firefighters at the Keeter Training Center, the city’s fire academy.

“We’ve got some openings coming up due to attrition and retirement rates, and got approval from the city manager to start a new academy,” said Raleigh Fire Academy Coordinator Capt. Lowell Smith.

However, making it to the academy is no easy task.

Smith said candidates must past a written and physical exam as well as a background check and an interview before being considered for the academy.

“We’re just looking for a good fit with the fire department,” Smith said.

Recruits to the academy are full-time employees with the city, and, if they who make it through the 28 weeks of training, they receive a firefighter and emergency medical technician certification that’s recognized statewide.

“You’re a full time City of Raleigh employee on a probationary status, of course,” Smith said.

“You must maintain an 80 percent average. You must complete and graduate the academy meeting all the minimum qualifications, and, then once you graduate, you’re assigned to an engine company.”

Read more of the story here http://abc11.tv/1MJe73q

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