RAMFAN Unveils New PPV Technique

RAMFAN, developers of the GF165 Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fan, has developed PowerStream Air Straightening, a technique that allows firefighters to set PPV fans back three to five times the standard distance necessary to clear smoke and ventilate buildings.

Normally, firefighters have to position bulky fans in a doorway to induce positive pressure to clear smoke and remove toxic gas from a structure. Many fire departments require their response teams to have PPV fans on their apparatus before they can respond to crisis situations.

Due to limitations of technology, these fans are normally positioned three to five feet from the door. That means the heavy, loud and dangerous fan is in the way of firefighters going in and victims escaping.

RAMFAN’s answer to that problem is the PowerStream, a tightly focused beam of air that allows firefighters to set their fans back between 8′ to 16′ from a structure, depending on the size of the fan, the building and the ventilation point.

Thanks to the extended setback provided by the PowerStream, firefighters and other first responders have ample room to enter and exit a building to perform their duties and rescue victims. Moreover, victims inside a structure will not stumble over the fan or require firefighters to readjust it as they escape.

Departments that want to incorporate the ventilation distance of PowerStream into Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can contact Captain Woodrow Matthews, RAMFAN’s Technical Training and Sales Specialist and twenty year veteran of the fire service.

PowerStream air straightening is only available on ten RAMFAN models indicated by their “X-Series” branding: GX gas fans, EX electric fans, XP explosion-proof fans and VX700 skid or trailer-mounted unit.

RAMFAN is a brand of Euramco Safety Worldwide, Inc, a leader in industrial, confined space, and hazardous location air management.

For more information about PowerStream Ventilation or RAMFAN, please Euramcosafety.com.

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