Real Firefighter Strength

Jordan Ponder demonstrates an exercise for firefighters

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By Jordan Ponder

What is REAL strength? Is it loud, heavy clanging weights smashing into the ground in the midst of screaming through pain to get one more rep for ‘dem gainz’ in a workout? Or, is it purposeful precision that executes with just the right amount of optimized effort?

Take these two examples and think about them being on your crew. Which one do you want? The loud, screaming firefighter who is going hardcore to get the job done or the intentional and purposefully calculated firefighter who knows what they are doing and why?

Firefighter fitness needs to be intentional and purposeful. This is because the best firefighters are the efficient ones who use technique and skill to get the job done. It’s these firefighters who understand how to use tools like the Halligan Pro Bar and the New York Roof Hook for their many different uses. If that’s the case, then our fitness training needs to reflect that. Does being intentional mean you aren’t hardcore? NO! It means you have a greater ability to be hardcore because you understand what real strength is. This understanding comes through training that will empower you to do more work, with less energy cost, all while being safer.

What kind of training does exactly this? Training to BE DYNAMIC!

BE DYNAMIC is your training approach to allow you to do more with less, safer by developing intentional, purpose and instinctive skills through workshops, active lectures and much more. Training to BE DYNAMIC will support you to develop the habits you need when you need it the most. This process comes by progressively training to BE MOBILE, BE STABLE, BE THE MOVEMENT and then to BE DYNAMIC. For example, you can develop real strength with BE MOBILE drills like MULE KICKS!

MULE KICKS develop explosive power while challenging your balance, focus, rotary stability, and more. To do this:

-Stand upright with your feet a little more narrow than shoulder width.

-Press your right foot into the ground allowing your left knee to raise off the ground towards your chest as you pull your right fist up to your right shoulder. Your left hand will remain to the side until a later time. At this place, explosively drive your left foot behind you kicking like a mule while allowing your body to follow leaning forward. Simultaneously throw your right hand back and bring your left fist to your left shoulder. Extend your leg backwards as much as you can all while maintaining tension with your right foot into the ground.

-Hold this position briefly before lowering that leg to the ground and returning to an upright position before alternating limbs.

Check Out The Video Demo HERE.  

Does this sound or look easy to you? Do it as forcefully as you can while maintaining your balance and let’s see what you think! Maybe even send me a video of it so I can congratulate you while giving you an even more challenging progression just for you! You could even get the BE MOBILE 40 program FREE just by showing how you MULE KICK! Email me to learn more at: BE GREAT FOLKS and BE DYNAMIC!

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