Real-life Mayday video available for training purposes

How many videos show what REALLY happens when a Mayday is called? What video lets you listen into a firefighters mind as he is trapped five stories in the air awaiting rescue while gasping for air? has received the rights to exclusive video and audio from the March 28th, 2007, four-alarm Houston, Texas, high rise fire that left Captain Eric Abbt trapped for 27 minutes awaiting rescue. The video shows the building as firefighters are racing to rescue victims when Captain Abbt becomes lost while trying to pull three victims to safety. The fireground quickly turns to rescuing one of their own when Captain Abbt screams, “Mayday, Mayday, I’m outta air, I’m outta air”. Twenty-seven minutes pass while RIT teams and ladder trucks are used to look for the fallen captain, while everyone on scene listens to Captain Abbt take breathes of thick smoke while coughing through the radio.

The video ends when Captain Abbt is rescued by Ladder 20 after the ladder pipe broke out windows and Abbt was carried to safety. After spending days in the hospital, Captain Abbt is back on the truck.

The video has been professionally edited down to 20 minutes and shows the whole scene unfold through the eyes of a professional news camera, all while listening to the chilling radio traffic. This video is for sale for a limited time to help educate firefighters on the dangers that they put aside sometimes.

The full Web version can be viewed by visiting under news.

For more information on the video, the story, an interview, or to purchase the DVD please contact Attention: Chris David

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