Report Examines Circumstances of 2013 Fire That Killed Dallas (TX) Firefighter

A CBS News 11 report looked an internal documents regarding a 2013 apartment fire that killed a Dallas (TX) firefighter.

The report suggested there was was confusion, flawed communications, and a sense that things were getting out of control at a 2013 apartment fire that killed Dallas firefighter Stan Wilson.

Firefighting News: ATF Investigating Fire That Killed Dallas Firefighter

Internal documents and an audiotape obtained exclusively by the CBS 11 I-Team gave a detailed look at the fire scene. Wilson, a 28-year-old veteran of Dallas Fire and Rescue, died May 20 when the burning building collapsed on him as he and fellow firefighters searched one last time for anyone still inside.

The news investigation found that the search came more than two hours after the fire had started, and that powerful aerial ladder pipes were, at the time, continuing to pound water onto the top of the building.

Structural Collapse Under Fire Conditions

Firefighting experts told CBS 11 those “master streams” should have been turned off because of the risk of a collapse–a risk that became even greater because the fire had been going on for more than two hours when Wilson and other firefighters went inside.

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