Reporting Exposures Means New Era for Firefighters and EMS

Sacramento, CA – During the course of their duties, firefighters and EMS providers are exposed to numerous chemical and biological agents. Residential and industrial fires, hazmat releases, medical emergencies, extrication – all of these incidents put them at extreme risk for exposure to carcinogens, air borne pathogens and blood borne diseases. These exposures significantly increase the risk of firefighters contracting various types of cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease, and communicable diseases. Too often, exposures are taken for granted because they show little or no immediate effect. Regardless of severity or frequency, exposures take their toll.

New online service maintains report archives on exposures.

“Maintaining a record of hazardous exposures is the best possible way to provide proof that illnesses are a result of work related exposures. Without the right documentation firefighters could be denied the medical benefits they deserve – benefits such as medical expenses, lost wages, medical retirement, survivor benefits for spouses and death benefits,” says Mark Lopes, Vice President of Marketing for, the new online reporting and archiving service for firefighters and EMTs.

“It’s imperative that doctors have a patient’s complete information when diagnosing and treating illnesses. With the data archived at, a physician may be able to make an earlier diagnosis, which equates to earlier treatment.” is available to all career and volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel from any state or jurisdiction. Reporting exposures goes a long way to protecting the future of firefighters and their families.

To learn more about exposure reporting, log onto

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