Responder Wipes Now Included in ‘Circle of Trust’

Orlando, FL – Have you ever wondered if the product you are buying really does what it claims? In the fire service, this can mean a difference of life or death. Jason A. Ramos, the owner of Product Research Gear, understands this. He has spent more than three decades in the fire service, including serving as an elite smokejumper.

Jason started Product Research Gear to independently test and evaluate gear, including items designed specifically for the fire service. From consultation and evaluation to product design with leading companies, Jason has been working with gear for over three decades. His company calls on the experiences and insights of true professionals in some of the most rigorous fields and tough, real-world conditions. PRg does not accept ANY money for any evaluations, nor are any of the PRg cadre paid anything for their time and efforts in evaluating products and gear.

Jason A. Ramos

PRg conducts a three-phased analysis that takes a minimum of a full year. This exhaustive evaluation starts with analyzing the prospective company, where the product is manufactured, the company’s mission and core principles, customer service, and product reputation. If a company meets PRg’s standards, the gear/product is brought in for the second phase – physical review for beta testing with the PRg cadre. The final phase puts the gear into live evaluation. If it passes the comprehensive and lengthy evaluation, it is included in Product Research Gear’s “Circle of Trust.”

PRg has been evaluating various wipes for 10 years, desperately looking for one that would stand up to their rigorous assessment. Nothing met their standards until they were introduced to Responder Wipes. After a thorough review and field testing of Responder Wipes, they have been included in the “Circle of Trust.”

“We were excited that Product Research Gear was interested in evaluating our wipes,” says Tonya Herbert, president of Responder Wipes. “We recognized and appreciated that the process that PRg put gear and products through was to ensure that it would meet the demands of the fire service. We were confident our product would pass muster and are excited to be included in the ‘Circle of Trust.’”

Mr. Ramos states, “My first experience with this type of product dates back to the early 2000’s with a ‘shower in a bag’. Since then, I have seen and evaluated various types of products in this arena. Some were ok, and some unsatisfactory. The main issue I was finding is that I couldn’t find a company that really did their homework for a top-tier solution. Factors include ingredients, durability, scent – but most of all, it has to work. Wildland firefighters can go many days without a shower and when you do use a wipe-type product you want it to work, not leave you sticky or smelling so bad you can’t even handle it. We have evaluated Responder Wipes for over a year in all types of uses and across the U.S. I’m happy we have finally found a product we can recommend and even use on a daily basis if need.

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