Retired Virginia Firefighter Tells His Story

Norfolk, VA Local 68 member Daniel Lliteras had been a firefighter for 14 years when he had a heart attack while responding to an apartment fire. The cardiac arrest was so severe it ended his career. While other fire fighters understand what it is like to leave a dangerous career you love, the public may not, so Lliteras wrote about it in a book, Flames and Smoke Visible.

The book opens with a recounting of the apartment fire. “We were first on the scene of the fire,” says Lliteras. “I was one of the firefighters who went inside to conduct an interior attack. We were almost done when I started to feel heavy-chested.”

After Lliteras exited the apartment, other firefighters began treatment and arranged transport to the hospital. The memoir picks up from the hospital room as Lliteras remembers his time as a firefighter, the culture of the fire service and coming to terms with early retirement.

Flames and Smoke Visible and many of his other published works are available on Amazon and other booksellers.

Lliteras maintains his membership with Local 68 as an active retiree. Before he became a fire fighter, he enlisted into the U.S. Navy shortly after he graduated from high school. He was deployed to Vietnam where he was awarded a Bronze Star for his brave acts in combat. His career path eventually led to the fire service when he joined the Norfolk Fire Department in 1985.

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