Rochester (NY) Firefighters Respond to Fire with Reports of Children Trapped

The Rochester (NY) Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a house fire with children trapped. The first-due Engine 7 reported heavy flames and smoke from the C side of a 2.5-story dwelling. Additional reports of one child still unaccounted for and search and rescue started. A short time later, all residents of the dwelling were found uninjured.  

Heavy fire was difficult to control and worked its way into the attic. Soon after, the line deputy chief ordered the building evacuated, with air horns sounding and ordered over the air. The interior stairwell had burned out and any further suppression was completed from the outside. Master stream operations and several handlines were deployed as the fire broke through the roof.  

An extra engine was summoned for additional personnel. Several roads with heavy snow banks were closed, and all available hydrants were in use after being dug out. The fire investigation unit was on scene to determine cause and origin. The fire was under control after about 90 minutes with a couple more hours of overhaul in the 20° F temperatures according to the line deputy chief.  

Rural Metro Paramedics transported one firefighter who sustained a back injury after falling in a stairwell. No civilians were injured, and the American Red Cross was assisting four adults and three children.

See more photos from this incident HERE.



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