Rope-Assisted Search Procedures in Large-Area Structures

By Mike Mason

 Rope-Assisted Search Procedures in Large-Area Structures

Searching a large area when there is an urgency to save lives is a huge undertaking. Presented are simple, but concrete, techniques that can help you turn a huge task into a successful and safe accomplishment.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Identify and understand the need for search in large-area structures while being able to recognize hazards when searching for distressed firefighters or civilians.
  2. Assemble and construct the proper search rope bag system as well as position members and identify their roles and responsibilities in a rope-assisted search.
  3. Identify and demonstrate the principles of anchor, point, and shoot as they pertain to object and human anchors while also identifying techniques in rope tethering.
  4. Identify and perform the techniques and maneuvers of proficient rope line management, including locating distressed firefighters or civilians, incorporating their health assessment, and removing them along the main search rope line when exiting a large-area structure.
  5. Recognize and discuss the importance of air management, accountability, command and control, and communications regarding firefighter Maydays and civilian rescues.

Download this course as a PDF HERE.

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