Hale and Task Force Tips have developed the SafeBuy system, a new concept in vehicle-mounted fire suppression that has been designed from the ground up to support firefighter safety. SafeBuy is a system of critical fire suppression components that have been pre-engineered to work together to ensure an uninterrupted flow of suppression agent.

From pump to nozzle — including the pump house, hoses, monitors, valves, safety devices, diagnostics and plumbing — SafeBuy is a complete suppression agent delivery system designed from the ground up to support firefighter safety.

SafeBuy also allows fire departments to have their pump house design of choice. Its design allows for standardization of panel layout for easier pump operational training across multiple vehicles. Plumbing layouts are also consistent so service and maintenance is easier to perform.

“At Hale, we strive to engineer fire suppression solutions specifically to improve firefighter safety,” said Bruce Lear, Hale’s vice president of sales and marketing.

“We’ve worked to make SafeBuy as simple to operate as possible so that firefighters can focus on stabilizing incidents and not operating equipment. They can only do that if they trust their equipment, and they can only trust their equipment if all the components were engineered and tested together as a complete system.”

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