In Case You Missed It: September 2017 Firefighting Articles

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Maximizing Roof Operations: Flat Roofs

“Since we respond to multiple building types, we should be aware of the challenges of a flat roof,” writes Dennis Walton.

Real Firefighter Strength

Firefighter fitness needs to be intentional and purposeful. Check out a new exercise courtesy of Jordan Ponder.

The Importance of Training for ‘Rare’ Incidents

“Are you ready for emergencies out of the ordinary? I urge you to prepare for those unexpected “rare” incidents that will always happen without warning,” writes Michael J. Regnier.

Humpday Hangout: Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety

P.J Norwood and guest Anthony Avillo discuss what is being done to improve firefighter health, specifically cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mental health.

Training Minutes: Crossramming

In this Training Minutes video on vehicle extrication, Steve White and company run through a handful of options for crossramming the B post of a vehicle.

Construction Concerns: False Building Fronts

“Modern building construction and remodeling can result in structures that can visually deceive us when we respond to an incident,” writes Gregory Havel.

Cribbing Rule

Should I start building a cribbing stack with end grain or side grain showing? Paul Rolandelli offers a tool to help firefighters determine which way to start the stack to support a load.

FE Chief Bobby Halton Jumps from Plane to Support a Good Cause

Today, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton joined Mike Dugan in jumping from an airplane to raise money for the Birds Eye View Project. Bobby’s goal was to support the shared missions of America’s warfighters and firefighters.

Engine Company EMS: Panic Attacks

“Being prepared to treat a panic attack—regardless of the outcome—is always better than standing around, waiting for the medics to arrive on scene,” writes Michael Morse.

Humpday Hangout: Harvey Hits Houston

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, hosts Rick Lasky and Terry McGrath sit down with their guests to discuss the impact, rescues, and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston earlier this month.

The Battalion TV: Harrisburg (PA) Bureau of Fire

In this new series from “The Battalion TV,” ride along with Harrisburg (PA) firefighters as they work to keep the capital city of Pennsylvania safe.

Collapse Zone Awareness

Are your company officers trained to step up and oversee sectors during a working structure fire? Joe Pronesti talks about the importance of training for this possibility.

On the Line: Relying on Luck

Is it better to be lucky or good? David DeStefano urges firefighters to hone the fireground skills necessary to reduce one’s dependence on the whims of fortune.

Holmatro Quick Cuts: Cutting Seatbacks

In this Holmatro Quick Cuts video, Isaac Frazier and company detail some considerations for rescuers when cutting seatbacks.

Garden Apartment Fire Simulation

Ted Nee offers a new fire training simulation for you and your company, this time responding to a reported fire in a garden apartment complex.

Effective Training: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

“By leaving their comfort zones through performing training evolutions for skills they rarely use as well as by seeking tactics and techniques from other departments, firefighters can improve their overall knowledge and effectiveness,” writes Anthony Rowett Jr.

Accreditation: What Does Self-Assessment Mean for Your Community?

Is your department considering accreditation, but not sure how the process works or what the benefits might be? Check out a free supplement on fire department accreditation, sponsored by the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Lessons Learned from Captain Sully and the “Miracle on the Hudson”

Todd J. LeDuc writes, “Whether career or volunteer, all firefighters will likely face a high-risk, low-frequency, or potentially catastrophic event or sequence of events. Captain Sully and his team spent their lives preparing for one. Have you and your team done the same?”

Training Minutes: VEIS: The Entry Firefighter

In this new Training Minutes video, Sean Gray, Kevin Lewis, and company discuss fire dynamics and flow path considerations for the initial entering firefighter during VEIS operations.

Construction Concerns: Energy Conservation Systems

For hsi latest Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at these building systems created in the 1970s for conserving energy in unoccupied spaces in buildings.

Mayday Monday: The Incident Commander and the Mayday

Tony Carroll discusses the role of the chief and/or incident commander (IC) and provide expectations of the IC during a Mayday.

9/11: As the Years Mount, So Does Our Resolve

“The terrorists’ attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, may have happened 16 years ago, but their impact on our humanity has not diminished,” writes Mary Jane Dittmar.

Community (TX) Volunteer Fire Department: Hurricane Harvey Rescue Efforts

During the devestating flooding that engulfed the Houston, Texas, region, the Community (TX) Volunteer Fire Department responded to many requests for assistance during Hurricane Harvey. Photos by Lauralee Veitch.

The Importance of Apparatus Checks

“When checking any type of truck, departments need to address four basic areas: exterior, interior, operations, and equipment. If these four areas are checked consistently, then you will have completed a thorough truck check. Let’s look at each of these four areas,” writes Mark van der Feyst.

The Four Foundations of Tactical Fitness—Pillar Three: Mobility

“If you are looking to address an area of fitness which can make significant changes to your department and injury-related events, mobility is the perfect place to start,” writes Ty Wheeler.

Humpday Hangout: Mental Health in the Fire Service

On this week’s Humpday Hangout, join Mike Dugan and Dan DeGryse as they discuss mental health in the fire service with some very knowledgeable guests.

Training Minutes: High-Point System for Firefighter Rescue

In this Training Minutes video, Paul DeBartolomeo and company demonstrate how to set up a simple 2:1 system using ropes and a 24- foot portable ladder for removing a down firefighter from an upper floor.

The Trauma-Science Intersection and Prehospital Care

Mary Jane Dittmar looks into several recently published articles regarding the strides being made in the care of trauma patients worldwide


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