Severely Injured Eureka Springs (MO) Firefighter Released from Hospital

Eureka Springs Fire and EMS announced that Rod Wasson has been discharged from the burn unit of a Springfield hospital Thursday, reports

Wasson will recuperate at his family home in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Part of his recovery will include outpatient therapy to regain his strength and lung function.

Wasson, along with another firefighter, Josh Beyler were injured working a mobile home fire August 29. No one was inside.

Wasson’s air pack malfunctioned. Beyler rushed to save his life.

Beyler says he went in the burning building behind Wasson, but he had to turn around because the hose got stuck on the door. When Beyler returned he says Wasson was yelling for help after his gear failed, allowing smoke to get into his face mask.

Beyler was taken to a Eureka Springs hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation. He is already back to work.

Wasson was airlifted to Springfield for treatment and was initially listed in critical condition.

In a statement the Eureka Springs Fire and EMS department says they expected Wasson would have to stay in a regular hospital room for at least a week and then be sent to a rehab hospital. The team is excited his recovery is moving so rapidly.

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