Sexual harassment by any other name…

Sexual harassment by any other name…

Russ Mower

Fire Marshal

Plano, Texas

I have been a long-time subscriber to Fire Engineering and consider it to be the top publication in the field of fire protection. I have been impressed by a number of articles that promote professionalism in the fire service. The article “Managing the Sexual Harassment Issue” by William L. Bingham (February 1995) was no exception. This is a very real problem facing society today, and I was pleased to see an article encouraging fire service executives to take positive steps to prevent sexual harassment in their departments. I was appalled, however, to see that Fire Engineering itself has not shown sensitivity to the sexual harassment issue. The advertisement for PEMNA monitors on page 21 of the same February issue shows that it is acceptable to use sex to sell fire equipment. How can Fire Engineering promote professionalism on one hand while selling this kind of advertising on the other?

If there were any other publication in which I could get articles of the same caliber, I would cancel my subscription to yours. Practice what you preach.

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