Trelleborg-Viking has released a CD-ROM containing complete TRAINING MATERIALS to prepare fire rescue personnel for working in contaminated water. The CD contains lectures, an instructor guide, a student workbook, quizzes, and more. It can be used on both Macintosh®and Windows® computers. The book Diving in High-Risk Environments, 3rd Edition, is a companion to the CD. The book and the CD-ROM are available from any Viking dealer or directly from Trelleborg-Viking. (800) 344-4458.

Phoenix Rescue Equipment introduces a new high-flow series simultaneous-operation SYMO POWER UNIT configuration. It offers full flow with no loss of speed or performance, no flow reduction, and a 4.5-gallon reservoir all in a new space-saving compact package that’s ideal for operations. The Phoenix Symo Power Unit delivers higher flows and faster tool cycle times through extended hose lengths than any other power unit. (931) 845-4585.

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FLYING CROSS by Fech-heimer is proud to introduce the first 100-percent cotton, NFPA-compliant ALL COTTON DELUXE UNIFORM. The fabric is virtually fade- and wrinkle-free, with a heavier weight, and preshrunk with a uniform-style appearance. All Cotton Deluxe has the durability, comfort, and image that firefighters de-mand, along with economy, and availability to meet budget and delivery requirements. (800) 543-1939.

Emergency One makes life easier for fire departments and technicians who maintain fire apparatus. E-One introduces VEHICLE-SPECIFIC CDS for the service, parts, and operation of each individual apparatus it sells. The new electronic manuals replace the bound paper service manuals, and are designed to meet the detailed specifications of each uniquely built E-One fire rescue apparatus. It’s part of E-One’s concentrated efforts to establish information consistency among E-One dealers, customers, and factory support personnel. Web site:

From training to extreme firefighting conditions, outer shell fabrics are supposed to be designed to provide the first line of defense against heat and flames, but are all outer shell fabrics created equal? PBI Products is pleased to provide a series of VIDEOS comparing PBI Gold against traditional outer shell fabrics. These videos illustrate how PBI Gold outperforms other outer shell fabrics, standing tougher against heat and flames and resisting breakopen. Other outer shell fabrics can be made to look like PBI Gold, but no other outer shell fabric can provide the proven performance of PBI Gold. PBI Gold. Tough Under Fire. For free video, call (704) 554-3378.

Akron Fire Fighting Equipment introduces the new WIDE-RANGE TURBOJETT. It covers a wider range of flows (30, 95, 125, 150, and 200 gpm), comes with a smaller-diameter bumper, and weighs less than the current Mid-Range Turbojet nozzle. The new nozzle features all the benefits of the standard Turbojet nozzle including flow control, rugged durability, and stream performance and is fully compliant with all aspects of NFPA 1901. (800) 228-1161.

Emergency One introduces the newly redesigned STREET WARRIOR and TRIDENT RESCUE TRANSPORTS. The Street Warrior’s body is up to 180 inches long and 96 inches wide. Interior aluminum cabinets and storage areas provide additional equipment storage space and are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to operate. The Trident includes a 250-gpm pump and 150-gallon polypropylene tank with pump panel and preconnects for attacking automobile, dumpster, and grass fires. An internal temperature control system operates without running engine using an optional 110-volt unit, and air ducts are placed in truck’s center ceiling panel. The Street Warrior and Trident are compliant with OSHA’s blood-borne pathogen guidelines. Website:

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Thorogood Footwear by Weinbrenner introduces safety toe and nonsafety toe EMS BOOTS. Both styles feature black waterproof, flame- and cut-resisting leather and a total boot membrane by Sympatex that’s waterproof and in accordance with ASTM F 1671, Standard Test Method for Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to Blood Borne Pathogens. A Vibram Matuyar sole provides durability and oil- and slip-resistant qualities. For added comfort, there’s comfort-weave linings, a padded collar and tongue, and a removable Poly-Pillow Footpacer insole system to absorb shock and reduce fatigue. (800) 826-0002.

MSA introduces the ORION™ MULTIGAS DETECTOR featuring one-button calibration, rugged construction with excellent resistance to dust and water penetration, and a 16- to 20-hour run time. With an internal pump and charger included, the new multigas detector is priced below most competitive four-gas detectors now on the market. It detects O2, H2S, CO and combustible gas. It also detects gases for confined-space entry in industrial, agricultural, and other environments and is essential equipment for fire and rescue personnel. It has the largest display areas of any four-gas monitor with great contrast for easy reading. Web site: (877) 672-3473.

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The LION APPAREL PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS CATALOG from Lion Apparel includes descriptions and photos of JanesvilleT and Body-GuardT turnouts, Lion Helmet systems, StationWear, Medic 1TM three-season outerwear for EMS use, Isodri™ protective systems, technical liner systems, compression systems, integrated rescue harness, integrated lumbar support, the California Ever-Dry-Reach SystemTM, and the zip-in liner system. Sections cover burns, fibers, fabric, stitching, and performance standards beneficial when specifying protective clothing. (800) 421-2926.

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In FirePrograms VERSION 8.11 MAPPING SOFTWARE, you can pinpoint any preplan location on a map of your area. Personnel can determine the fastest response route and then zoom in for a closer look. You can find the closest hydrant or locate other water sources. Run reports determine where fire scenes and other incidents are concentrated. Any newly plotted entries made in the many modules can be updated directly from maps. (800) 327-7638.

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MSA’s new EVOLUTIONTM THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS (TIC) are designed to satisfy the needs of all firefighters. The new Evolution 4000 is a big screen, high-definition TIC that may be viewed by an entire entry team. The Heat Seeker Indicator System identifies hot spots with red attributes on the black-and-white display. It optimizes the latest in microbolometer technology for the sharpest picture available. The Evolution 3000 is a lightweight, handheld, low-cost TIC that can be upgraded as budgets permit and applications require. The Auto Focus iris control eliminates manual adjustments during use. (800) MSA-2222. Web site:

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ACCUSONIC from MC Products is the only tank level gauge that measures re-maining gallons and minutes/seconds remaining. It displays water and foam level information on an LCD screen with an additional analog dial that indicates percentage. Single or multitank capable, AccuSonic can show up to seven tank levels on one display. It can be factory- or field-calibrated; the ultrasonic tank probe is maintenance-free. To receive a free computer simulation disk or additional information, contact MC Products at (800) 843-6465. E-mail:

Custom Morning Pride TURNOUT GEAR in two weeks-no joke! Morning Pride is the first and only manufacturer to deal with the problem of rapid gear delivery for special needs! Our new state-of-the-art techno production system allows us to ship your gear to you in two weeks or less from the receipt of your order. If you need new or replacement custom gear immediately, then CustomStockTM is your solution! Web site (click on “News Flash”). (800) 688-6148.

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Morning Pride Manufacturing’s next-generation of firefighter’s helmet, the BEN 2 PLUS HELMET, is a revolutionary step in firefighter safety, comfort, and design with advanced features you will definitely notice! Firefighters from FDNY to Houston, Texas, and many other fire departments across the USA have witnessed the incredible effectiveness and comfort of the Ben 2 Plus Firefighters Helmet! Ratchet fit, SCBA interface, low ride, and numerous other new features for comfort, safety, and appearance confirm that this is no ordinary helmet! Call (800) 688-6148 for our new catalog.

Quality, realistic training involving aggressive crawling, dragging, stretching, and climbing is a must to ensure firefighter readiness! The problem? The wear and tear on your boots. Protect your fire boots with the Total Fire TOE PROTECTOR. This inexpensive and easy-to-use product protects fire boot toe tips from severe abrasive conditions at fire academies, burn buildings, and related training situations, ensuring longer life for your boots. Issued as needed, the “training use only” Toe Protector sacrifices itself to protect your leather and rubber boot toe caps during training! Web site: (click on PRO, then “What’s New”). (800) 688-6148.

Safety Vision is the leading provider of REAR VISION TECHNOLOGY in North America. Features include backlight compensation that enables the driver to see in low-light areas and AcuSight distance markers that guide the driver while backing up. With seven different models priced to fit your budget, Safety Vision has what you need. Web site: Call (800) 880-8855 for a free, no-hassle evaluation.

Scott’s EAGLE IMAGER™ II THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA adds innovation and power to search and rescue. The EI II’s high-definition, autofocus microbolometer delivers state-of-the-art infrared detection and unsurpassed thermal imaging quality with no blurring or halo effects. Radiometry provides onscreen temperature readout and Infotherm displays accurate room temperatures. Three distinct color palettes and the largest LCD deliver optimum resolution. A redundant cooling system maintains all electronics. The EI II is ultralight with a durable housing, glove-friendly controls, onscreen programming, and a three-hour battery. (800) 633-3915.

The Paging & Wireless Service Center is a Motorola Radius Authorized Dealer and carries the complete line of MOTOROLA RADIUS PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS, REPEATERS, AND ACCESSORIES. These quality radios are fully synthesized, field-programmable, and perfect for public safety use. They come equipped with the latest in technology including X-Pand, P/C programmability, high/low power, and customized channel scanning options. (800) 822-2180. Web site:

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The Kussmaul AUTO INTERLOCK II is a power transfer relay that automatically transfers the 120-volt AC from the shoreline input to the auxiliary generator when the generator is started. When the generator is shut down, it returns the load to shore power. It’s easy to in-stall and the indicator lights show which imput is active and is being supplied to the load. Once installed, it operates automatically and requires no operator intervention. (800) 346-0857.

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BASOFILT FIBER OUTER SHELLS from BASF block heat better with a TPP 40 percent higher than the NFPA requirement and substantially higher than most competitive outer shells. This superior heat blocking allows for an ensemble with a lighter, thinner thermal liner that surpasses TPP requirements and helps reduce heat stress. Basofil fiber offers the best combination in thermal protection and heat stress relief. Basofil fiber is also found in thermal liners, moisture barriers, and hoods. (800) 216-3640.

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MICRO-BLAZE OUTT from Verde Environmental is the world’s only patented microbial firefighting agent. It’s UL listed as a wetting agent for Class A and B firefighting and NFPA 18 listed. Micro Blaze Out is nontoxic, biodegradable, and formulated with Micro Blaze®, which is listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan (NCP) Schedule. It penetrates and cools rapidly and is compatible with all current foam proportioning and delivery systems. Web site: (800) 626-6598.

Custom Fiberglass Products (CFP) recently delivered a huge POL-E GOLD QUICK ATTACK SLIP-IN UNIT to Monroe County, Florida, for a flatbed application. This unit features a 1,000-gallon seamless Pol-E Gold tank with fully removable lid, four-inch I-beam base structure, vast undertank tool and hose storage at rear and sides, clear plastic sight glass, unistrut equipment mountings, hose tray, W.S. Darley 18-hp pump, Nordic reel, 200 feet of one-inch hose, and CFP’s unlimited-time warranty plus $200 in-service guarantee. (800) 323-0911.

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Streamlight introduces the ULTRASTINGER™FLASHLIGHTS for the fire market! The Ultrastinger is a high-performance, rechargeable flashlight that provides up to 75,000 candlepower. It’s 113/4 inches long, weighs slightly more than one pound, and combines momentary on/off and constant-on switching to give firefighters flexibility. Rechargeable up to 1,000 times, the Ultrastinger operates for more than one hour of continuous use. It comes complete with AC/DC recharging capabilities and two charger holders. Web site: (800) 523-7488.

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The PROWLER CHASSIS from KME is specifically built for the AerialCat rearmount ladder and platform line of products. It features a low-profile aluminum-tilt, contour cab; four-door cab-forward design; and a 12-inch notched raised roof. The Prowler accepts the full range of engines and transmissions available to the fire service. It reduces normal travel heights by four to seven inches and includes cab roof pods that extend over the driver and officer. (570) 669-5132.

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The Survivair SMOKE EATER™ EMERGENCY ESCAPE CANISTER, the first product of its kind in the fire market, provides firefighters with an air-filtration source when they need to escape from a smoke- and fire-filled environment. The monolith filter inside the canister contains precious metal catalysts that reduce the inhalation of carbon monoxide, acid gases, organic vapors, and particulates. Using the same nonindexed AirKlic™ attachment system used in Survivair’s SCBAs, the Smoke Eater is secured tightly to the front of the face piece. (714) 545-0410.

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Nor-Fab’s OMNI 45™ OUTER SHELL FABRIC for turnout gear is a reasonably priced exclusive Basofil® blend product, providing the best heat-blocking protection when exposed to flame, heat, or dangerous flashovers. The Omni 45 has the toughness built in and is manufactured for maximum comfort for the garment wearer. (610) 277-6100.

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The Total Fire Group/Morning Pride TOTAL PPE PROGRAM allows your department to save money, increase services, and know your costs up front! The budgeting, purchasing, management, and maintenance of your firefighting gear can be quite a challenge, and it seems to NEVER stop! With Total Fire Group’s Total PPE Program, your problems are solved! Designed to make all elements of your protective clothing system more cost-effective and efficient, the program serves you through the use of Morning Pride Gear, industrial laundry services, repair, and gear tracking! The end result is that your firefighters have the finest, well-maintained gear-we take care of it all for you! Take time to discover the Total PPE Program. Call (800) 688-6148 for a brochure.

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FDM Software’s RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND COMPUTER-AIDED DISPATCH SYSTEM is a powerful and flexible application designed for the fire and emergency medical services. FDM Software products offer departments a variety of ways to improve communications and information systems by offering the latest in industry standard development tools. FDM products are all fully integrated, modular-based, client/server applications with full GIS Mapping capability. NFIRS 5.0-compliant. Web site: (800) 986-9941.

The Halogen Valve Systems’ EMERGENCY SHUTOFF SYSTEM for chlorine cylinders and ton containers mounts to existing valves without special tools. The valve may be manually opened or closed while the actuator is in place. The actuator closes a chlorine valve in less than one second in response to sensors and remote switches. The automatic-closing, fail-safe valve is a close-only device that is outlined for use in the new fire codes. (877) 476-4222. Web site:

See more. Do more. Run more. The CAIRNSVIPERT HANDHELD THERMAL IMAGER from Cairns Advanced Technologies combines superior microbolometer image quality with a versatile 1807 rotating display that provides comfortable viewing from virtually any position. Two-stage Intelligent Color displays the seat of a fire in red and yellow. Super Cool thermal management removes internal heat, permitting repeated exposure to high-temperature environments. The Viper is fully automatic, requiring no adjustments by the user. The lithium-ion battery has low weight, long life, and a charge status indicator. Web site: (800) 230-1600.

Paratech Inc. sets a new standard for rescue shoring. Paratech LONG SHORES were developed in re-sponse to the needs of rescue teams worldwide. Fully compatible with our al-ready popular Rescue Strut System (RSS), Paratech Long Shores can be used as vertical, horizontal, or raker shoring. Long Shores are easy to use, maintenance-friendly, and third-party tested to ensure strength and durability. These features, combined with the capacity to shore distances of between six and 16 feet, make Paratech Long Shores the standard that all others will follow. Web site: (815) 469-3911.

Fire flow testing is simple, safe, and accurate with the HOSE MONSTERT from Hydro Flow Products, Inc. Fire flow testing can now be done with greater accuracy and without traffic interference or damage to landscaping. Use the Hose Monster with a short piece of hose to safely diffuse and divert the water into the street gutter. The built-in flow measuring device, precise orifice, and known coefficient ensure consistent and accurate flow-rate readings. Web site: E-mail: (888) 202-9987. Fax: (847) 202-9884.

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Climb Tech, LLC introduces a patent pending, fire-retardant Nomex®/Kevlar® FLEXIBLE LADDER SYSTEM. This ladder is lightweight, flexible, and easy to climb and can be used in many fire rescue situations. Climb Tech’s Flexible Ladder System transports easily in a duffel bag and deploys quickly in emergency situations. It delivers unprecedented technological advancement in speed, convenience, and ease of use. (512) 847-7251.

A new concept in Ram! The P-25 and P-40 POWER PUSHER RAMS from Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems have no hydraulics and feature Zipnut® for fast, easy, and safe operation. They’re designed for use with the Power Hawk P-16 Rescue Tool or any other spreader rescue tool that fits the unique slot arrangement. Up to 18,000 pounds of spreading force. For building collapse, extend and lock the Power Pusher manually to stabilize in seconds. Rams are 16 to 23 inches long retracted and 27 to 40 inches fully extended. The E-48 Extender allows you to reach up to 120 inches. Web site: (800) PWR-HAWK, (973) 439-3865.

Innovative Computer Simulations, Inc. produces the finest POWERPOINT® INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEM, STRATEGY AND TACTICS SOFTWARE available today. We cover garden apartments, strip malls, vacant buildings, lumber yards, enclosed malls, small hotels, dwellings, nursing homes, dinner clubs, farm complexes, ICS, and basic strategy and tactics. The CD-Rom software is based on National Fire Academy standards. Web site: (800) 437-1681.

The VANTAGE PRO from Davis Instruments allows you to monitor weather conditions at the fire station or onscene. Wind, rain, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and more-even the local forecast. On-screen graphs show changing conditions over time and many be downloaded to PC for a complete historical record. Whatever the forecast, Vantage Pro will let you know. Web site: (800) 678-3669.

Draeger Safety, Inc. and Infrared Components Corporation announce an exclusive strategic alliance to market the FIREOPTIC THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA (TIC), the world’s first production microbol-ometer-based TIC. The FireOpTIC survives intense heat, severe impacts, and pounding water and works in rough search and rescue operations. Through advanced technology, design, and construction, the FireOpTIC camera provides maximum durability and clear pictures. An exclusive life sensor software provides direct viewing of any possible victims through smoke and steam without ghosting or white-out in extreme conditions. The FireOpTIC Camera is shock resistant and comes with a three-hour run time with a dual battery configuration. (800) 615-5503.


Now smaller vehicles can support that big fire truck siren sound! The Whelen X-ECUTOR JR. SERIES SIREN provides the high sound level, harmonic content, and authority of historic mechanical sirens using state-of-the-art electronic operation. With seven siren speakers to chose from and a very low amp draw, the X-ECUTOR JR. is ideal for ambulances, rescue, command, or law enforcement vehicles. As with the X-ECUTORtrademark, you’ll get a powerful, low frequency warning that’s projected forward to reduce interior noise and the selection of siren tones and features you require. (860) 526-9504.

See Globe Manufacturing’s new ASSETS MANAGEMENT TRACKING SYSTEM that exceeds NFPA 1851 requirements at on the Web. It’s a fully functional, easily navigated Web site; is completely self-contained; and needs no hardware, software, or labels. It simplifies accurate tracking of all aspects of protective clothing and related gear inventory assigned to each person, including its administration, wear, cleaning, repair, and retirement. It even logs fire calls, who responded, and much more. It’s totally confidential and it’s free. (800) 442-6388.

Esprit’s new generation 1/2-inch STREAMLINE ROPE is built with a 24 pic sheath for a supple hand and excellent knotability. The uniquely designed, three-strand cabled core absorbs energy and reduces impact force when the system is shock loaded. It is also more cut-resistant and provides the user with greater fall protection. Recommended for high angle activities and confined space rescue. NFPA 1983-95-compliant. (888) ON-BELAY. Web site:

The new Havis Shields MAGNAFIRE 3000 H.I.D. FLOODLIGHT lights up a nighttime emergency scene directly from a 12-volt battery. The Magnafire Model 3100 uses new H.I.D. technology that is nearly four times more efficient (producing more lumens per watt) than quartz halogen, allowing the use of lower wattage bulbs. It draws just six amps at 12 VDC and needs no costly generators or inverters. The Magnafire Series is available in many different mounting styles. (800) 524-9900. Web site:

The EDGE MASTER GAUGE/PRESSURE GOVERNOR COMBINATION is the latest master pressure controller from Fire Research Corporation. It indicates dangerous fluctuations in pressure and alerts operator. The EDGE replaces the two traditional panel-hogging master gauges with a digital intake and discharge display and combines it with our popular PRO pressure governing system. The EDGE regulates engine speed to maintain a desired pressure as set through its easy-to-operate controller interface, while monitoring the system for dangerous pressure fluctuations that it reports with an alarm. Web site: (631) 724-8888.

Bullard-Sabre, LLC introduces the SABRE CONTOUR 300 and SABRE CONTOUR 400 SCBA models to North America. Both models are NFPA-compliant, feature high- and low-pressure configurations, and offer a comprehensive range of accessories. The standard Sabre Contour 300 SCBA is available with tagline or auto-on pass. The Sabre Contour 400 SCBA features the unique Black Box™ recorder, which provides easy downloading and analysis of usage data and an in-mask LED air capacity display. (859) 234-6611.

The AERIAL APPARATUS DRIVER/OPERATOR HANDBOOK (SECOND EDITION) is available now with curriculum! New from IFSTA, this manual is essential for the optimum use of all aerial apparatus and meets NFPA 1002 requirements. The accompanying curriculum includes a mixture of classroom theory, practical in-field training, and self-study. This material assists the student and instructor in providing a meaningful educational experience. Contact Fire Protection Publications at (800) 654-4055 for information on the curriculum material and study guide to complement the manual.

Fantraxx™ new LOW-PROFILE POSITIVE-PRESSURE FAN fits in a 211/4- 2 21- 2 20-inch compartment while retaining all the important features of the 21- and 24-inch models. These include the Honda 5.5-hp engine, one-inch by 16-gauge steel tube wraparound frame, eight-inch pneumatic tires on steel wheels with stainless-steel ball bearings, stainless-steel full-width axle, infinite 40-degree tilt mechanism, and wide folding T handle for superior maneuverability. (603) 626-5143. E-mail:

Symtron Systems are the world’s leading developers of Computer-Controlled Live Fire Training Systems & Centers. With more than 100 training facilities in the USA, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you design and build a facility that will meet all of your training requirements. Ask one of our professional representatives for information about Symtron’s FireTrainer® T-2000 Structural Fire Training System. For more information please call (800) 288-3973 or visit our web site at

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Globe Firefighters Suits introduces its new SAFETY AND RESCUE HARNESS, designed for specialized and hazardous duties including emergency egress and extraction, fall protection, and confined space. It features a front belay loop attachment for raising and lowering that has a 6,000-pound breaking strength. The harness weighs just 1.8 pounds and is mated to turnout trousers so it’s automatically donned every time turnout trousers are worn but does not jeopardize the integrity of turnout materials. The turnout trousers and coat protect the harness and lanyard from the elements. It fits users with a chest size of up to 58 inches and height of up to six feet, seven inches. (800) 442-6388. Web site:

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Russell Associates, Inc.’s SPIKY-PLUS PULLOVERS for boots work on the same principle as studded snow tires and provide proven protection against slipping on ice. Top-quality natural and synthetic rubber stretches to go on or off quickly, yet has a very snug but comfortable fit. Steel studs are harder than tungsten or carbon steel, thus giving years of service under normal conditions. Lightweight Spiky-Plus comes in a wide range of sizes to fit even large or bulky boots. The Spiky sling model is also available. (888) 477-4597.

XRT Power Systems introduces the new XRT PTO POWERHOUSE TRUCK-MOUNTED RESCUE POWER SYSTEM, designed for all rescue operations using small- and medium-duty vehicles. Available for Ford Super Duty F Series trucks (GM-compatible models coming soon). The Powerhouse works with all extrication tool makes and uses no compartment space for a bulky separate power unit since it runs off the transmission PTO. Now have one, two, or three tools available for rescue operations. Respond faster, rescue sooner with tools preconnected and “trimultaneous” tool operations. Equipping a light/medium-duty rescue with onboard rescue tools is now convenient, efficient and affordable. (800) 343-0480. Web site:

CGF Gallet introduces its latest version of the FIRE KNIGHT FIREFIGHTER HELMET, the lightest on the market with the NFPA 2000 certification. Available in white, black, red, yellow, blue, orange, and lime. Call for the nearest dealer. (888) 811-9225, extension 33.

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The ELLIPSE™;is manufactured from United Plastic Fabricating’s (UPF) exclusive AccTuff™ plastic resin. It is noncorrosive and FDA-approved for carrying potable water. The Ellipse features a Closed-Curved™ baffling system and is available in sizes between 1,000 and 4,000 gallons, with a choice of a black textured finish, a painted finish, or a stainless-steel wrap. (800) 638-8265.

Now you can instantly connect your Firecom HEADSETS to almost any portable radio and maintain communications on-scene. Take control of incident command, operate the pump panel, communicate from the aerial, or perform any other remote operation without missing a second of vital information. The system includes a specially modified Firecom Headset with a customized adapter that connects directly to your existing portable radio and adds required hearing protection meeting NFPA 1500 standards. (800) 527-0555.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STRATEGIC PLANNING: CREATING FUTURE EXCELLENCE by Mark Wallace. Published by Fire Engineering. A fire department that knows where it is going, knows the environment in which it must operate, and has identified how to get there has the best chance of achieving its goals. A basic step-by-step guide to the strategic planning process using a model that any department can tailor to its needs. Included are suggested forms, questionnaires, and surveys. (800) 752-9768.

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Circle-D’s UL-listed, Type 3/R PORTABLE POWERBOX JUNCTION BOX gives you power where you need it, when you need it! Made of heavy-wall, cast-aluminum alloy with stainless-steel hardware, the Powerbox consists of four single-twist lock receptacles (many configurations are available). Easy-grip integral carrying handle and bright locator light. Flip-lids are spring-loaded, waterproof, and fitted with neoprene gaskets to keep out dust and water. It’s available in high-visibility yellow or Brite-Lite aluminum finishes. Optional mounting brackets available. (800) 883-8382, (201) 933-5500.

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TRUCK COMPANY OPERATIONS by John Mittendorf. Published by Fire Engineering. This book begins with an overview of fireground operations, including apparatus placement, building construction, and response. It then goes into the specifics of truck company responsibilities-forcible entry, search and rescue, ladder placement, inside operations, overhaul, salvage, and more. A must for any department that performs “truck” functions on the fireground. (800) 752-9764.

RESPONDING TO “ROUTINE” EMERGENCIES by Frank C. Montagna. Published by Fire Engineering. What may appear to be an every-day response can have deadly results. That’s why it is important to analyze and train for routine calls. This book discusses the hazards and tactics of routine calls. It is a tool for minimizing dangers to the responder and the public. (800) 752-9764.

ROPE RESCUE FOR FIREFIGHTING by Ken Brennan. Published by Fire Engineering. The increasing demand to perform operations on buildings, towers, bridges, rugged terrain, ice, and below grade in confined spaces has in-creased the need to train in various rope rescue techniques. This is a guide to establishing an effective and safe technical rope rescue operation. Included are illustrations on various knots and systems. (800) 752-9764.

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FIRE OFFICER’S HAND-BOOK OF TACTICS, SECOND EDITION by John Norman. Published by Fire Engineering. Structural firefighting concepts, guidelines, and specific situations that firefighters and officers will face are covered in this updated text. Im-prove your understanding of fire operations, strategy, and tactics. In-cluded are new solutions for combating new problems. (800) 752-9764.

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