Fire Engineering Simulation: Row Home Kitchen Fire (or Meth Lab)

Simulation by Battalion Chief Frank Montagna, FDNY, and CommandSim

This firefighter training simulation scenario depicts a kitchen fire in an ordinary brick and joist constructed building with a one story wood frame extension in the rear. This can be used as a straightforward kitchen fire, with several levels of smoke and fire, or made more complex with victims on the second floor, and an optional clandestine drug lab in the basement. Download documentation for the simulation below the picture.




Where do I go from here? Get a sample exercise sequence that shows you one scenario you can model with this simulation.

What am I looking for? Advice on sizing-up the structure and other important tactical considerations.

What does this thing do? Here’s a chart of possible outcomes and curveballs you can throw into the scenario, as well as navigation instructions.



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The scenario and accompanying materials have been designed by Frank Montagna, Battalion Chief, FDNY. The technical development and production was done by CommandSim. All materials may not be copied or distributed without the expressed, written permission of Fire Engineering and the PennWell Corporation, copyright 2008-10, all rights reserved. Parts of this scenario were developed with members of the Philadelphia Fire Department and support from the National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences through Award Number R44ES013908.

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