Six Montreal Firefighters Fired for Pension Plan Protest

The City of Montreal has fired six firefighters for participating in a violent protest that saw municipal employees ransack council chambers, reports The Globe and Mail.

An additional 57 employees have been suspended without pay for periods ranging from one week to six months, executive committee chairman Pierre Desrochers said Thursday.

The workers were angry about a provincial government proposal to change their pensions so that all public-sector workers contribute a higher percentage to their plans.

About 100 public-sector workers took part in the demonstration that saw a large group burst into city hall on Aug. 18.

Local politicians were forced to flee from their regular session as protesters threw documents and other objects from their desks while rampaging through the chamber.

Montreal police, who were present for the demonstration, were criticized for not intervening.

Desrochers said four white-collar employees, seven blue-collar workers and 46 firefighters were those suspended.

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