Solo Forcible Entry and Saving Your Progress

By Scott Kraut

Regardless of your staffing, you will often find yourself alone when tasked with difficult forcible entry challenges. The purpose of this ”quick drill” is to demonstrate simple and proven methods used to save the valuable purchase points we create during forcible entry. Typically, the conditions of the environment and the operation are more desirable at the onset of your forcible entry task. If you are faced with a challenging door and find yourself without a partner, for whatever reason, the task may be lengthy and awkward, thus leading to deteriorating conditions and a more stressful environment. It is important to always be moving forward in your operation and, for forcible entry, this will require you to save even the smallest progress or purchase that you obtain.

To download this drill as a PDF, click HERE



The photos and descriptions included with this drill, illustrate simple ways that you can save that valuable progress to reposition, pick up another tool, or simply take a quick rest and reevaluate your methods. As with all your operations and the tasks that you perform, be a steward of the fire service by continuing to learn from others and share your knowledge with the rest of us.


Scott Kraut is a lieutenant with the Fairfax County (VA) Fire and Rescue. He is also a senior instructor for Traditions Training, LLC.

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