Structural Composite Industries Announces 30 Year Life SCBA cylinder!

SCI is proud to introduce the latest in SCBA cylinder technology–the all NEW 30 Year Life SCBA cylinder. Unveiled this year at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, this is the only 30 year cylinder for all brands of respirators now available directly to fire departments in the US.

Response at FDIC was overwhelming. Fire departments were thrilled to finally have a cylinder available to them that will have a service life beyond 15 years. This new 30 Year Life cylinder provides double the life expectancy of conventional 15 year SCBA cylinders at a price still hundreds less than a typical 15 year cylinders sold by respirator manufacturers.

Currently available in a 45 min, 4500 psi configuration, this DOT approved composite SCBA cylinder features a 30 year life span capability, improved abrasion resistance, five-year hydrostatic testing and custom labeling capability.

To find out more, please visit the SCI Web site at

No newcomer to the SCBA industry, SCI is credited with developing the first composite SCBA cylinder. In 1976, SCI became the world’s first producer of DOT approved composite cylinders for municipal, commercial, military, marine and aerospace applications. Today, SCI continues as a leading supplier of SCBA cylinders to virtually all vital industries where life support is paramount.

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