Structural Firefighting Glove Risk Analysis

Requirements to Mitigate Risk and Improve Hand Safety on the Fireground

Firefighter wearing structural firefighting gloves

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  • Eliminate “Same Layers Everywhere” Construction of Traditional Structural Glove =
    •  Strategic Reinforcement in Known High-Risk Areas Reduces the most Common Injuries
    • Modified Layers in Known Lower-Risk Areas Improves Grip, Dexterity, Flexibility
  • Strategic Reassessment of Component Materials used in Traditional Structural Gloves =
    • Eliminate Reliance on Low Performance Bulky, Stiff Leather for Primary Protection
    • Main Protection from High Performance Light Weight Kevlar& Nomex Knit Fabrics
  • Reduced Weight to Protection Ratio + Enhanced Flexibility, Fit & Comfort Allows Gloves to Remain Donned During all Fire Ground Tasks

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Conclusion: Strategically Reinforced Protection + Gloved Hands = Reduced Risk

Information on Structural Firefighting Gloves Risk Analysis

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