Sudbury (MA) Fire Department Rescues Pet Dog from Frigid Waters

Fire Chief William Miles reports that the Sudbury Fire Department successfully rescued a dog who fell into frigid waters after walking out on thin ice.

A resident called 911 this morning shortly after 9 a.m. to report that she was walking with her dog on conservation land near Hudson Road and Old Lancaster Road when the dog ventured too far out and fell into the water, becoming stranded in the frigid temperatures, unable to get itself out.

Rescuers were on scene within minutes and deployed an ice rescue sled. Crews quickly located the dog, and firefighters donned ice rescue suits to venture into the water.

The dog, a golden retriever, was very cooperative as Firefighter Michael Kilgallen, assisted by Firefighter Shane Medeiros, slid out to the edge of the ice.

Firefighter Kilgallen lifted the dog out of the water and into the ice rescue sled.  Once on to the sled, Satchel ran to his owner back on dry land. The dog was chilly but otherwise unharmed.

Chief Miles praised the quick thinking and actions of the responding firefighters.

“Firefighters are life savers, but they never know what conditions they will be working under or what kind of resident they might be called upon to save,” Chief Miles said. “Because of the preparedness and actions of Firefighters Kilgallen and Medeiros, a Sudbury family member was saved today.” 


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