Tempest Technology Offers PPV Course Scholarship

Tempest Technology is offering a scholarship to a three-day Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Instructor course being conducted by Kriss Garcia and Reinhard Kauffmann, co-authors of the book, “Positive Pressure Attack for Ventilation and Firefighting” on October 8-10 in Washington State.

The purpose of scholarship is to provide a fire service educator an opportunity for advanced PPV/PPA training. The scholarship includes course fees and travel/lodging expenses to attend.

The course provides students with knowledge and confidence in pressurized fire attack. Participants will fill the roles of student and instructor, and will gain the knowledge and confidence to train other firefighters. The course includes the following:

– Presentation, Q&A, practical scenarios, and live fire training.
– Introduces, discusses and clarifies the concept of Positive Pressure Attack (PPA).
– Talks about other ventilation techniques, with a critical eye toward victim and firefighter safety.
– Covers how to utilize PPA as a single company procedure and other aspects of operating at a fire utilizing PPA, including complex incidents with a multi-company response.
– Computer scenarios and radio procedures utilized to reinforce the multi-company application of making a coordinated fire attack.
– Looks at more data and includes in-depth discussion of precautions associated with PPA.
– Training includes live burns in a prop built of ordinary materials (NFPA 1403 standards strictly adhered to).
– Course materials include the book, Positive Pressure Attack for Ventilation and Firefighting.

One scholarship will be awarded for the October 2008 Instructor Training Course. Application evaluations will be based upon the information provided on the Application Form. The deadline for application submissions is August 22, 2008.

Visit www.tempest-edge.com and click on the ‘Enter To Win…’ icon for registration and further information.

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