Ten Philadelphia Fire Department Staffers May Face Disciplinary Action

As many as ten Philadelphia Fire Department staffers could face disciplinary action for their role in a sex scandal currently under investigation by the city, reports NBC Philadelphia.

Fire officials are holding meetings this week with those directly involved in the scandal that centers around a female paramedic, according to sources.

Sources close to the investigation said while upward of 40 staff members have been interviewed, only 10 or less appear to be directly involved and could face discipline.

NBC Philadelphia previously learned officials have been investigating claims the paramedic engaged in sexual acts with multiple co-workers in firehouses across Philadelphia while they were both on and off-duty. She also allegedly shared nude pictures with some staffers.

Former Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers told NBC Philadelphia last week the alleged acts came to light after the woman filed an equal opportunity employment complaint with his administration. Ayers said his Special Investigations Unit began looking into the case before transferring it to the city’s Inspector General.

The fire administration and the firefighters’ and paramedics union, IAFF Local 22, are hoping to wrap up the case within weeks and move on from the embarrassing scandal, sources said. But a quick resolution could be slowed as staff members hire attorneys to represent them. Attorneys for the female paramedic at the center of the scandal said they could not comment citing the ongoing probe.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/1zzItln

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