Texas Firefighter Suffers Sever Burns to Face and Arms

A Corpus Christi firefighter suffered severe burns while assisting with a fire a gymnastics facility, reports KRIS TV Corpus Christi.

The flames spared no mercy for firefighters on the scene. Especially, Batallion Chief JD Johnson who ran out of the burning building, scrambling to splash run off water onto his torched skin.

Johnson is the batallion chief of fire station number one and has been fighting fires for nearly 20 years. He was one of four men injured during the fire but was the only one transported to Spohn Memorial Hospital but was later flown to Brooke Army Medical Center to be treated for his burns.

Johnson suffered severe second and third degree burns to his arms and face. He was able to splash gutter water onto his burning skin while other firefighter poured IV bags full of clean water over him.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/MlxVyn

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