Thousands of Applicants Expected for Las Vegas Firefighting Jobs

Clark County could see a surge of thousands of firefighter applicants in the coming months to fill only a few dozen open slots in its five fire departments, reports Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The jobs always draw many applicants, primarily because of their good pay and benefits and the fact that they don’t require college degrees.

But the anticipated boost from the long lines of past years might have something to do with the county, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City fire departments placing their recruitment efforts into one package.

In an effort to save money in recruiting fire cadets, the fire departments have joined together to create Southern Nevada Fire Recruitment.

Applications will be accepted through from Oct. 27 through Nov. 26.

The program will conduct a series of public outreach sessions to help those interested learn about the different departments, the application process, employment requirements, testing tips and benefits.

The city of Las Vegas, which is running the website, will forward successful applicants to the other departments, at which point they can pick the candidates they want to extend an invitation to move forward with the process over the next year.

If more than one department chooses the same candidate, the candidate will then decide which department he or she wants to try to join.

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