Three Illinois Firefighters Hurt in Foundry Fire

Three firefighters went to the hospital overnight after they slipped and fell on ice while battling an extra-alarm fire at a foundry in west suburban Batavia, reports CBS Chicago.

The fire started around 9:30 p.m. at the Master Cast foundry at 106 S. Mallory Av. in Batavia.

Flames quickly engulfed the building, and crews from about 15 neighboring suburbs helped fight the fire, which caused part of the factory building to collapse.

“We had a partial collapse in the roof area in about the center of the building earlier in the night,” Batavia Deputy Fire Chief Randy Baker said Thursday morning.

Three firefighters were hurt and were taken to the hospital when they slipped and fell on ice that formed at the scene due to temperatures that dropped as low as 10 degrees overnight.

“The biggest problem tonight has been the ice. We’ve had three people hurt and sent to the hospital from slips and falls, so that’s the biggest problem. The cold just slows you down. It’s tough on the equipment and the people,” Baker said.

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