Three Workers Killed in Downtown Dallas Fire

A Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson said the bodies of three workers were found following this morning’s fire at Thanksgiving Tower, reports The Dallas-Morning News.

Dallas High-Rise Parking Garage Fire Forces Thousand to Flee

The workers were in the basement of the downtown Dallas high-rise working in the thermal storage tank that is part of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit beneath the building. Said Evans, it was initially believed to be an electrical fire because “the smoke was so thick” it was difficult to tell where it began. It remains unclear what started the fire.

At least one of the men killed was a subcontractor hired by Best Mechanical Inc. out of Seagoville.

The spokesperson said firefighters knew there might be workers “in the area where the fire was located, but heat and visibility” kept them from reaching the three men. Only after the smoke cleared were their bodies found.

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